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Anuj, after hearing about Ankush’s illegitimate child, asks if it’s a New Year’s prank. Barkha says it is true that Ankush has a 15 year old illegitimate child, she doesn’t know if Ankush is still in contact with that lady, she was never bothered that Ankush was providing what she wanted, now she has a problem how Ankush wants to bring that boy into this house. Anupama asks why she didn’t question Ankush. Barkha says that he himself informed her about this, she should have left Ankush or compromised after knowing the truth, where would she have gone because she has one and Sara and Adhik would have suffered, she had to compromise because of them and stayed with Ankush . Anuj asks Ankush if he can betray Barkha. Ankush says that if he had to betray her, he would have hidden the truth; he even gave option of divorce but at that time she didn’t want to divorce him; his girlfriend and son have never asked him for anything, but for the first time he wants to spend time with him, study at a university here and stay in a hostel; he cannot refuse his son; whatever it is, his son will come and stay here. Barkha says that the boy is coming to show his right and name of Ankush but she won’t let that happen. Anuj is enraged that Ankush and Barkha hid such a big truth from them for so long. Anupama says Barkha is suffering from 15 years, Ankush should have thought of her. Anuj says that he will speak with Ankush.

Kavya asks Vanraj if he wants to say something. Vanraj says let’s go inside. Kavya says he should speak here because she is running late. Vanraj asks why she shared her family issues with Mohit. Kavya says why does she go. Leela then says how Mohit knows about her family problems. Samar says that the whole world knows about her problems. Vanraj says that he brought Mohit home to show how jealous and insecure her husband is. Kavya asks if she can’t bring her friends home. Samar says he needs Leela’s permission to make friends. Leela says that Kavya will not befriend Mohit because he doesn’t seem like a good man. Kavya says you should trust her at least, both good and bad people are present in every industry, the only difference is that everyone notices people in their industry and therefore everyone knows what is going on in their lives, it doesn’t mean that people in the corporate world are noble. Vanraj sarcastically says that she understood that industry so well in just 2 days that she became a spokesperson for that industry. Kavya says she is talking about herself and until she is right it doesn’t matter; make it clear that she is just going to work and nothing else.

Leela says that everyone knows that she had an affair with Vanraj even while Vanraj was married to Anupama. Kavya confronts Vanraj and asks if she had an affair on her own or if he is not equally involved why only she is asked. Kinjal says that men are spared even with a mistake and women are criticized without a mistake. Vanraj asks them to stop the drama of the helpless woman, the reason for his anger is not his insecurity, he is just protective and not possessive. Kavya says there is a difference between the two, the protective person calls 3-4 times a day not 50 times. Vanraj admits that he is possessive and doesn’t like any other man touching his wife. Kavya says he knows his limits, he should speak up whenever she crosses his limits, she won’t do wrong and therefore won’t change, his and someone’s/Leela’s thinking should change and if it’s not okay with him, he should do what whatever you can. She leaves and leaves with Mohit. Leela asks Vanraj to do something or else they will have to see his wife’s shamelessness.

Anupama tells Anuj that she cannot believe what she just heard but it is true. Anuj says that life is unpredictable, everything goes smoothly and suddenly something happens. Anupama says that she fears if something unexpected happens in their lives. Anuj comforts her. Anupama receives a package. Vanraj sitting on a bench recalls Kavya’s words. Leela asks if he is alright and says that problems arise between a husband and wife when differences start to arise between them, she doesn’t want to say it but fears that he will have to go through what he went through with Anupama. Anupama receives the package. Little Anu takes it from Anupama, opens it and dances happily that her dress has arrived. Anuj and Anupama are shocked to see the same dress online which was sold out. Anuj asks Anupama to see if there are any notes. Anupama finds MaaYa’s note to little Anu that she is sending her most wanted gift and will soon meet her tomorrow at Sankranti, just her Maa-Ya. Little Anu jumps up saying that she is sure MaaYa sent this dress as she has her design on the box, she is sure MaaYa will visit her tomorrow.

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