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Vanraj goes back to his room and lies down. Kavya recalls her bitter words demanding her profession as a model. Vanraj also remembers Kavya refusing to give him money. Kavya says that she did not do right by demoting her profession, she will not stop now anyone who tries to stop her. Vanraj says that she can do whatever she wants, just spare him. She says that’s fine, he must take care of his family from now on and she will take care of herself. The next morning, Anuj notices Anupama preparing food and insists on helping her, but she refuses. He notices sesame laddu and says that little Anu is very fond of sesame laddu. Anupama says she knows and describes how different ingredients with different qualities come together and work wonders. Anuj says that he felt jealous yesterday when little Anu was showing more importance to MaaYa. Anupama says it’s common for parents. Anuj gives an example from her childhood event and such human emotion is normal. They decide to brush it off from them.

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