Anupama 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Kinjal is back in Dholakia’s office. Dholakia asks Kinjal if she is resigning. Kinjal claims she was sorry to him because he was only discussing his personal problems with her. He also made crying requests to not remove her from the project. He smiles and tells her that he wants to keep a beautiful girl like her. Kinjal thanked her. After informing her family that she would be staying overnight at the office, he says she must compromise and work late, travel to outstations with him. Today, he will take her out to dinner with him. Kinjal’s expression changes, and he says it is for him to cry because he is now live, giving Anu a video call. Anu is able to see flashbacks of her past, and she informs Anu she believes she has the right to fight for her rights. Kavya, Toshu and their entire family join her in fighting Dholakia. Anu records Dholakia live in his cabin, flashback. Dholakia covers his face with a kerchief. Anu calls Kinjal and asks him to take off his kerchief. Kinjal also records the entire family. Kinjal claims that eve teasers, and molesters can also be found in posh offices. They trouble the girl so much they are unable to bear it. Rakhi shouts at Dholakia, pointing out that he should not have eve teased a daughter of a wealthy family. Anu asserts that daughters, rich or poor, are equal regardless of whether they live at home or work at an office. Each girl is equal in self-respect. Rakhi challenges Dholakia that she will make Dholakia’s life miserable. Every family member lashes him. Dholakia says that he used to do the same thing with Kavya at the same office. Vanraj claims he loved Kavya. Kavya believes that Dholakia won’t understand the meaning of love. Dholakia believes that a marriage where the husband and wife are present is better than one where they fight every day. Anu said they fight as every family does but don’t treat anyone differently. Kinjal is threatened by Dholakia that he will ruin their careers. Anu gives him a hard time. Baa claims he is covered by mobiles worth thousands of dollars. He is live on camera.

Kinjal states that they finally make good use of social networking. Dholakia shouts at her and attempts to slap him. Vanraj grabs his hand and threatens to kill him if his daughter touches his hands. Rakhi sneers at Djholakia and takes his collar. Mamaji jokes devi has come on Rakhi today. Baa said that a mother is devi maa when it comes time to have children. Kinjal calls female colleagues to complain about Dholakia’s refusal to compromise and sending them lewd double-meaning messages. Dholakia attempts to flee. Samar catches him. Every family member has their own opinion on Dholakia and the punishments they would like to inflict. Anu believes that some girls make false allegations about men who want to defame and take revenge on other girls. Vanraj believes it is time to support girls and teach boys morales. Rakhi’s comments follow. Kinjal said that it was good that Kinjal accepted the suggestion of mummy and decided to fight back. Otherwise, she would not have repented her entire life. Anu says that women must be respected. If someone tries to push their boundaries without permission, whether it’s their boss, colleague or relative, or their husband, they need to speak up. Anu is informed by a senior manager that their office has zero tolerance for sexual harassment. Vanraj states that this is true. Attempting to make physical contact or pass on lewd comments are considered sexual harassment. The complaint will remain confidential. Manager requests Kinjal to file the complaint. They will take strict action against Dholakia. Kinjal thanked him. Anu believes that one should always speak out against Dholakia.

Samar claims that their Dholakia video received 50,000 views. Pakhi enjoys the comments. Kavya claims she lost her job. Mamaji tells Mamaji not to worry, god will soon help her. Toshu informs Kinjal that he’s happy it’s over and Dholakia wont bother her. Kinjal tells anyone to try, and she thanks her family for all their support. She prays for every girl to have a supportive family. Vanraj claims that nobody will ever take Dholakia’s name again in this house. Mamaji claims that Jijaji would have said they should move on, and says there’s something special tomorrow. Pakhi claims tomorrow is a national holiday due to independence day. Anu claims it is a national holiday. Vanraj claims that it is also mamaji’s birthday tomorrow. Mamaji happily dances. Samar claims he spoilt the surprise. Mamaji forgets. Vanraj suggests that they celebrate independence day as an occasion. Anu claims that Bapuji said the same to him when she was married. Mamaji jokes that Kavya must have been sleeping until 10 a.m., but Kavya disagrees. Vanraj states 10:30 a.m. The family continues to discuss and plans for tomorrow.