Anupama 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Anupama is nervous when she imagines Kinjal or Dholakia with 2 of her colleagues at Vanraj’s cafe. An executive at the bank insists that she sign the documents for the business loan quickly or it will take between 25-30 days to receive the loan approval. Anu questions him about EMI. He tells her about fixed and floating rates of interest. She signs the documents. He promises that she will receive the loan within 4-5 days. Anu comes home from work and tells Vanraj that she has signed the loan documents. Vanraj questions Anu about whether she had read the documents before signing them. Anu says yes, as the executive said it would take 25-30 days. She wanted Bapuji or Anu to be there. Vanraj said he needed to purchase groceries for the cafe. Samar promises that their problem with property taxes will be resolved. Baa questions Kinjal about what happened. Vanraj questions if Dholakia was misbehaving with Kinjal, as he often molests and insults women in public. Anu sits still. Vanraj realizes that Dholika misbehaved with Kinjal and gets mad. He holds a hockey stick in his hand to punish Dholakia. Anu stops him. Anu says that he will not spare any rogue for his daughter’s misbehavior. Anu claims they will punish Dholakia in a more severe manner than just physically. Mamaji, Pakhi, and Baa all say that they must first break Dholakia’s extremities. Kinjal comes in to see Anu explaining her reasoning and asking why she didn’t tell her family. Anu questions why she didn’t tell her family. Vanraj insists that he will not spare Dholakia. Kinjal claims he won’t exaggerate this issue because society will shame her. Nandini calls it victim blaming. Anu gives many examples of why victims shouldn’t be blamed, and Kinjal is asked not to worry that her entire family supports her. Pakhi explains that the boy who insulted her fears Anu will punish him. Next, Mamaji and Baa comment.

Kavya comes in and tells Nandini that she doesn’t need to respond like this. Nandini sneers and asks Kavya why she wants to let it go when she was in the exact same situation. Kavya said that it was a different matter. Pakhi wants to know if the culprit should be spared. Kavya said it happens in all offices, Vanraj can’t break peoples heads in every office and Anu cannot lecture. Baa cannot fight with everyone so they should ignore it. Anu questions Anu about the incident in which a man entered her home and behaved badly with her. She came to her house shivering. Kavya states they are comparing two different issues. There is a difference in a finger and throat cut, killing or threatening to murder; Vanraj may take revenge if Vanraj threatens her with death; she should be able to handle the matter, as she has worked with Dholakia for many years and he has never been a problem with her. He said that he was there because he was there for her. He says he was there with her. She wants to let go of his male savior mentality so that a girl can defend herself and fight. Anu agrees that a girl should fight. Kavya claims that no event has occurred here and asks Kinjal whether Dholakia touched it. Kinjal says no. Kavya believes that sometimes girls misunderstand boys. Kinjal admits she can feel it. Kavya claims that practically nothing has occurred. Anu believes it will, if not Kinjal or another girl at the office. Kavya said that they shouldn’t take responsibility for others. Anu believes that daughters should be able to walk fearlessly on the roads. It is important to teach Dholakia. Baa believes Anu is correct. Kavya wants to know if they will put Dholakia in prison. Anu assures Kavya that they will think clearly and then punish Dholakia. Kayva claims Kinjal has left the job, and that if Kinjal doesn’t accept her position, then they will have Rakhi Dave beg. Vanraj claims he is available for this. Kavya states that Kinjal’s future will be at risk, so they should be pragmatic.

Anu claims Kavya is pragmatic, but she has seen the whole world, and if they don’t stop their dirty eyes, then dirty hands will touch them. Kavya wants to know how they will prove that dirty eyes are not real. Baa said that because they think well, they will decide on punishment. Kavya wants to know if she will punish Dholakia. She is the one who can’t stand for herself for 25+ years. How will she do that? Anu has been tolerant of Vanraj’s verbal abuses for 25+ years without informing her mother or MIL. So how will she support other people in office? Vanraj tells her to stop talking. Kavya shouts back, telling her not to shout when she is speaking truth. Anu believes Kavya is correct. Baa says fights happen between couples. Anu states that fights can be okay until both parties speak, and it is a punishment if only one speaks. She tells Vanraj she did not want to start a new issue and Vanraj provoked her. Nandini will not allow her daughters Sweety, Kinjal and Nandini to suffer the same fate. Nandini will teach her daughters Sweety, Kinjal and Nandini not to worry if their husband shouts at them in a room or at work. Kavya is also told by Anu that although she was right to have suffered, she will not allow her daughters to suffer.

Samar tells him that Toshu should be consulted before they do anything. Anu calls Toshu. Toshu rushes to his home, and after showing concern for Kinjal, he says that she did the right thing by quitting her job so she can start her mom’s company. Samar claims it is not an issue where bhabhi should be working. Toshu states that he can’t think like his family and start revolution. Dholakia will not be affected but Kinjal will. Kavya thanked him for being practical. Samar wants to know if they should spare Dholakia. Toshu said they can’t physically punish him. Samar claims they will think differently. Toshu asks why Samar is trying to be a hero when Kinjal is his wife. Kinjal is Toshu’s responsibility. Samar claims that Kinjal is not Toshu’s wife but also someone’s bhabhi bahu, beti and, more importantly, a woman who was misbehaved or mistreated by a man. Toshu claims Kinjal quit her job to do that. Samar wants to know if Dholakia will punish bhabhi. Toshu shouts that he doesn’t want to speak inane. They continue to argue. Kinjal shouts for Kinjal to stop, and she says that whatever happened will be with her. She will decide what to do.