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Anupama 17th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

And to convince Leela and Paritosh to accept her and convince Paritosh and Leela to support her. Devika is able to convince Paritosh and Leela Anupama to defend the rights of other women as well. Devika wants Anupama to set an example to other women by her actions. She addsthat Vanraj and Leela would have expressed anger with anyone instead of Anuj. Devika demands Anupama to think about her own thoughts. She gives documents to Anupama and then leaves the room declaring that she is also in collaboration with the Anuj.

Anupama is looking at the newspaper and recollects Leela and Partiosh’s comments. Devika calls to inform an individual that she tried to convince Anupama that she should make a decision. Anupama put the document away. Vanraj observes Anupama and believes that he knows she would not accept the deal. Devika is able to meet Anuj and tells him about her disagreement with Anupama. Devika wants Anuj to try and convince Anupama. Anuj does not want to force Anupama.

Hasmuk does not pay attention to Leela. Leela demands Hasmuk not to talk to her due to Anupama. Hasmuk left the premises. Kavya is telling Leela that she could believe she believes that Anupama is a friend and Anuj are just couple. Leela wants Kavya to be quiet. Kavya smirks. Leela declares that she will not allow Anupama interfere with family harmony.

Then, Anupama asks Devika to provide her with Anuj’s phone number and address. Anuj is uneasy and talks with GK. He opens a box of sweets and is unsure who sent it. GK promises the sweets that they are going to be receiving shortly. Anuj is eating the sweet.

Anupama come back home. She shocked Shahs by saying that she’ll work alongside Anuj Kapadia. Vanraj becomes angry and screams to Anupama she isn’t able to work. Anupama demands Vanraj not to insult her because he’s no longer her husband. Leela is asking Anupama to consider other people as well. Anupama states that for the past 25 years she has been thinking about other people and that she’s living her own life. Leela tells Anupama she is able to work, but not with Anuj. Anupama wants to know from Leela what she is unable to do with Anuj. Hasmuk, Kinjal, Jignesh and Samar applaud for Anupama admiring her bravery.


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