Anupama 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on

Anupama, who has just returned from dance academy, asks Baa about Bapuji. Baa explains that he went to Surat to visit his relatives and to collect the money/debt that he lent to them. Vanraj meets Kavya, and after hearing about the money, he asks him why he borrowed money from his relatives. Baa claims he had borrowed money from a relative and went to get it back. Baa questions why he didn’t inform them. Kavya says that Bapuji brought on the crisis and that he must go. Vanraj closes her mouth. Vanraj said that if relatives haven’t returned money for years, then why now? Anu questions why she didn’t inform Bapuji that he was going on his own. Baa said they wouldn’t let him go anywhere else. A mother can give her life for her children, and a father can lose his dignity. Let him try, at the very least. Kavya believes this family is melodramatic. Bapuji trapped them, so let him free them. Vanraj is told by Anu that she must talk to Vanraj about money.

Nandini presents her diamond and vintage gold pendant to Samar, and asks him to make it available for Anu and Vanraj in their financial crisis. He becomes emotional. She claims she is selfish and helps her family. He claims he loves the selfish girl. People say that girls look for their father’s qualities in a partner, and boys search for their mother’s. He got what he wanted. He promises her that he will sell it if necessary.

Anu informs his family about taking a business loan to mortage the property/karkhana. Baa hopes Bapuji will bring at least 1.5-2 million. Anu believes they could sell the jewelry, raise 4-5 lakhs, and borrow money from family and friends. Vanraj states that they will have to pay high interest on a business loan. Kavya states that they must pay 30 lakhs to get a loan of 20 lakhs. Vanraj claims that EMIs can be repaid easily if business is good. Baa believes that debt and illness increase. Anu states that they will borrow money and pay back property tax first. Kavya wants to know what happens if the cafe or dance academy fail. Baa says hearing her, she feels like she saw Asha/hope Parekh’s movies and Kavya Nirasha/disappointment Parekh’s. Vanraj believes Kavya’s suggestion was right. However, they should not worry about the future. Kavya claims he will have more problems trying to solve the problem of today. Anu suggests that they should raise their arms and legs to rescue themselves from drowning. Vanraj wants to know which bank. Anu replies that Samar’s uncle is Samar’s bank. Vanraj agrees. Anu keeps a running tally of her expenses after a while. Baa questions her about what she is doing. Anu said that if the loan is 20 lakhs, then she must manage a ledger. She calculates the number of 0s in 20 million and states that 0 is incredible because it increases the value of other digits. Baa believes she is the most valuable person and not a zero. It took her 25-years to grasp this. Anu said that they will smilely bear the weight of 0s for now.

Kinjal is at work, while Dholakia walks closer to her. She raises her head. He asks her where she’d lost it that she didn’t see him coming. She says that she listens to music during stress. He approaches her passionately and asks her to share her problem with her colleague. He suggests that maybe other people might, but not his wife. He claims his wife isn’t worth her time, so he needs someone to share his joys and sorrows with him. She walks away, apologizing for a client’s call. Anu at home gets anxious when Kinjal does not return home by 10:30 p.m. Vanraj believes that Dholakia must have done her extra work and she may not have taken a cab at this hour. He will therefore go to pick her up. Kavya shouts at him if he’s out of control. Vanraj asks him if he can’t go pick up his daughter. She shouts that they will argue if they cross paths and Dholakia won’t give her a job. He claims that Dholakia won’t give her a job. She yells and walks away. Baa asks him for information when Kinjal comes back. Vanraj and Anu leave the house, hoping that everything is okay. Kinjal cries as she gets out of the taxi. Both ask Kinjal why she is crying. Kinjal says that she got into an argument with Toshu while on her way. She hugs Anu. Vanraj promises to speak with Toshu and resolve their problems. Kinjal apologizes for bothering them and bringing up her issue. Anu states that parents can get stressed if their children don’t talk to them about their problems. Kinjal walks in. Vanraj is grateful to God that Kinjal has arrived. Anu claims Kinjal isn’t fine and that there is a problem. Vanraj claims her instincts are right, and she should talk to Kinjal. Kinjal becomes agitated when she receives a voice mail. She then relaxes after hearing Toshu’s message. Kinjal then becomes more anxious when she sees Dholakia’s next message. Anu brings milk for her. Kinjal pretends to be asleep. Anu believes she is tired and that something must have happened. She will talk to Kinjal in the morning. She walks away from Kinjal, and she pampers her.

Anu sets out next morning to bring milk to Bapuji when she spots Nandini and Samar arguing on the road. She brings them in and asks them questions in front of her family. Kavya makes a comment, and Baa responds as usual. Nandini claims Samar has been offered a huge contract by an international event management company to choreograph high-profile weddings, but he refuses to accept. Samar claims he does not want to leave his family for 1 years. She believes that people leave their families to achieve success. Kavya believes he should, if he’s getting a good salary and career advancement. Kavya says he’s seen parents leave their children alone and go abroad. Vanraj admits that he might regret it later. Anu asks Samar for the reason. Samar explains that they both dream about their dancing academy’s success, and Samar doesn’t want to let his mother’s dreams go. Kavya asks in arrogance for a small dance academy. Samar claims that all great things begin small. A small company, which was started in a garage, can grow into a multibillion-dollar conglomerate. Kavya shouts that those who succeed were educated and didn’t jump like him. Samar believes that people like her don’t encourage artists and ruin their lives. Samar also says that his family and mummy support him so why should he fail. Vanraj recalls Samar being discouraged and humiliated. Kavya advises him to accept the offer and repay the family loan if he is so concerned for his family. Vanraj informs her that Samar won’t accept the offer unless he wants, and neither his child will make a decision under pressure. It is Anu and Samar’s loan burden, and they will shoulder it. Kavya shouts “Why?” Kavya yells why. He claims it is the responsibility of the parent. If he has to take on the responsibility of a son, he won’t let them under any responsibility pressure. She claims that he used humiliate Samar. He claims that was his error. She suggests that Samar should teach dance to children, and then collect 500 rs fees. They are all emotional fools.