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Anupama 15th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anuj/AK enjoying breakfast at Shah home says that life brings them many surprises. GK claims that the Halwa, it is better than the previous day’s and presents him with a present to gift it to Anu. Pakhi is excitedly asking if it’s an imlie treat like the one before. AK is not a candy man and informs Anu the reason he was at her dance school yesterday she remembered her mother. Hence, the things he brought from his mother for her and hopes that she enjoys the item. Kavya says to V that he has brought the bangles of his mother. Bapuji requests to accept the present. Pakhi is excited and says she wants to look at the present. Anu gets emotional seeing it. Kavya exuberantly asks what’s it. V asks if she wants to display it to other people or even look at it at it on her own and both of them see an aghungroo. AK claims that his mother was a dancer in kathak and purchased the ghungroos for herself but she couldn’t afford her the opportunity to put them on. GK claims Anuj was reluctant to give the ghungroo to Anu. AK states that he then realized that perhaps the fate of each leg doesn’t need Ghungroo. Each ghungroo’s destiny must have legs. Mamaji is elated by his idea. Anu smiles and declares it gorgeous. AK tells her he’s glad she was pleased with the piece. Anu is happy to show it off to the family. Baa, Vanraj, and Toshu fume. Vanraj recalls throwing away Anu’s ghungroo earlier. Anu declares that she believed it was it was a present, but she says it’s the best thing she’s ever received and she asks Baa what she thinks of it. Baa looking grumpy is convinced that her son works with AK which is why she’s still or else she’d have been able to send AK as well as GK away. GK demands Anu to dance in them. Samar promises to ensure she dances.

Vanraj is inquiring AK to surprise them with an unexpected gift. Kavya reminds AK of his commitment to announce his decision by tomorrow. AK declares he wants to meet them at the office to discuss the issue, asking Samar to print some documents. Toshu is looking down at his feet, as if it’s impossible to reveal the details without printing out the information. AK is grateful to Vanraj as well as Kavya for their thorough presentation. Samar brings printout. AK claims that this is the the first time in this sector and in the country. People believe that his ideas are original and innovative and he was able to see these in the idea of Anu. Baa, V, Kavya and Toshu are shocked to hear that. AK claims he’s going to go with Anu’s suggestion because it’s a novel idea. Baa wants to know what it is. AK promises money and blessings from women, which is a unique concept. Bapuji claims he has believes that the idea of Anu is the most effective. AK we talk about women’s empowerment and it’s time to take action. Kavya asks if he can alter the fate of women. AK states that men are not able to change the curtains of their home and forget about fate. Women do not require any help from anyone else and will change their own fate. He will gain the attention of social media. His parents will be happy for their son no matter where they go; he’ll invest the money , and Anu will take care of the project. She is the person who will lead the venture and will be able to examine the contract with the help of her family and then take them to sign. Anu eagerly asks him what he’s offering her for an opportunity to work. He tells her he’s offering her an equal share in his five-star restaurant. Anu remains speechless, while Vanraj and his team are in stupor. She shivers at the thought of whether she’ll be a partner in a hotel that is 5-star and experiences cramps. AK gives her water. GK admits that he has some hiccups when he’s shocked, but she’s better than this. Bapuji believes he’s correct. AK demands Anu to be patient and then respond. Samar informs Kinjal that the her mother’s Ghungroo was damaged and she received gungroo as a gift. Kavya mentions that she is also a partner, which she is entitled to. AK Kavya and V V K Kavya that they’re skilled and will become a benefit to his business, he’s got an offer of employment for Kavya and she’ll get all the information, and he might even consider working on an additional project with Mr. Shah. Anu is still unable to believe she’s received an offer for a partnership. AK claims she’s free to decide on her own time to answer, and tells V Kavya and Kavya they will be in touch with them, and then leaves to greet the everyone in the family. GK is joking with Bapuji. Bapuji invites him to come visit frequently as it doesn’t require much time to build friendships.

When AK and GK quit, Samar, Kinjal, Bapuji, Pakhi, and Mamaji party together with Anu as they dance with her as V and his group get jealous. Vanraj begins to taunt Anu that they are thrilled to be part of her and that they will be free as part of her deal. AK as she drives her car, tells GK that Anu was deserving of a partnership with her talents. GK states that Devika has been informed about that Vanraj was oppressing Anu. AK declares it’s her own decision, and even Kavya is gifted. GK states that Devika will be joining him as a consultant, which means Devika, Anu, and Kavya will work together that will be empowered women. AK is able to convince Anu to accept his invitation. GK says it’s difficult because the the house is a mess due to son’s ex-husband’s male ego as well as ex-MIL’s problems. AK hopes Anu does not face any issues due to his. Vanraj warns Anu that she accepted a an offer to partner without having an idea since she’s AK’s crush at college and their childhood romance is blossoming right now. Anu angryly screams Vanraj Shah. Vanraj smiles. Anu states that If Vanraj wasn’t her father to her children She isn’t sure think she would have done. V questions why she is screaming, if truth hurts. Anu states that truth hurts lying. He wonders why she is angered. Anu states that when people sit low, people get angry and he was stooping less than his prior norms. She says she’s changed after AK’s entrance. She even said that her slippers did not change however, both of them have completely changed; he doesn’t approve of her suggestion getting approved. He claims a thepla making woman’s concept is superior to MBA holders Kavya and his 30-year experience. She believes that the best ideas don’t have degrees but rather brains. In fact, opening an eatery after losing his job was the same as a thepla-making woman’s idea, not an MBA woman or an experienced man’s. He is silent. She is asking if truth hurts him in the present and, when truth starts being revealed, she will; AK liked her idea over them because it was more superior than their idea. Kavya states that if she had shared her brilliant idea with somebody else, it could be in the trash however the idea was his. AK. Anu wants to know what. Kavya claims that everyone knows. Anu claims that Kavya snapped a photos with AK and then gets angry with her, and is eager to get along with her, and insist that she invite him to her home often on Janmashtami and then is focusing on her. She informs Vanraj that he is a shameful person and he valued relationships and was a gentleman, but he’s shameless today and has spoken so sexist in front of children. they would not have had a issues should Anu could have offered partnerships instead of her. They committed a myriad of infractions and sins, and now are focusing on her. Baa questions what the reason is AK and GK frequently visit our home but aren’t our neighbors or relatives.


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