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Anupama 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.
Anupama Written Update, Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest Gossip and Latest News, Twist.

Samar prevents Anuj/AK to enter Anu’s dance academy together with Anu. He says that students will be disturbed and will send him photos of karkhana. AK questions AK about whether he would like him to purchase karkhana, without actually seeing it. Toshu is asked by Anu to behave with their guest because guests are considered god. Toshu replies that AK is a guest at their home but it doesn’t mean they can come in all the time. Anu then asks Anu why she served food to AK rather than sending a waiter or Mamaji. AK tells him to be respectful of his mother. Toshu asks AK who he is to advise him. AK claims he is his mother’s friend, and not his. He will not tolerate his bad behavior. Toshu requests him to leave. AK walks out, stating that he won’t buy this karkhana nor will he pass their business proposal nor allow anyone to buy this karkhana. Rakhi smiles initially and then scolds him about his behavior with such a large businessman. Kavya also criticizes him for ruining his family’s life like his mother. Toshu receives a message, and becomes conscious. He realizes that it is his imagination. Kavya sends Anu to Anu’s dance school and asks Anu to make coffee for AK. Toshu said that AK returned yesterday, and that today he is going to karkhana because it’s getting too much. Kavya wants to know how they will be friends with a wealthy businessman. His MIL is always a problem-maker. Rakhi shouts, “Stop!” Kavya says you should shut up. They are now friends with a larger rich man. She wants Anu’s and AK’s friendship to be stronger to solve their problem.

AK meets Samar, Nandini, and suggests that they not fight too often. AK sees Anu’s picture on the wall and clicks the pic. He recites a shayari praising his beauty. The background music plays Dil Haike Manta Hi Nahi. Anu asks him if he speaks on his own. He replies that he speaks alone when there is no one around him, and then he praises her dance academy. He thanks her and she says that although she didn’t do anything, it was her children/Samar Nagdini’s hardwork and Baa Bapuji’s blessings. AK says she is completely selfless and asks where to go. Vanraj patiently waits for AK, and then says that they don’t know how to get out of karkhana. Kavya said they should be discussing a deal. Kavya says AK should talk to him about the deal and not Anu. Kavya claims they are friends. Vanraj claims rich people are not friends or fumes. Rakhi is jealous of his jealousy. She says she’s tired of the same Shah family dramas and she now has new drama. Anu drops AK at her academy. He claims his car is there, and Jai Sri Krishna greets him as he walks towards the car. He stops her and she asks him if he felt guilty when he refused to pay. He said he was building a hotel, and that he would not feel guilty if he didn’t pay. He slips on the carpet. She holds him, and she slips. He holds her. They both laugh and she walks in. He takes a look at her picture. He looks at her picture. Vanraj sees Anu teaching children, and he thinks that once the deal is done, AK will be allowed to stay outside his house.

Nandini and Samar share ice cream and have a romantic moment. Samar sees a couple walking by and says he misses her. Toshu has Kinjal, Bapuji and Bapuji have Baa. People think that after 40 one is meant to be happy and live with no romance. He longs for someone in his life and prays Kanhaji for her.

AK imagines Anu eating imli candy and cleaning his eyes. He tells her that he met her after many years, and that it is important to see her clearly. He asks her if she wants to have halwa. He replies that he would if she fed him with her hand. She says that there is a spoon. He claims that halwa is more delicious if she gives it to him. He awakens realizing it was his dream, and calls GK. GK rushes in to inquire what happened. AK claims he had a dream that he didn’t want to believe. He used to see Anu at college, dancing and talking to Devika. But he now sees her in his daily life. GK questions what’s wrong with it. AK claims it would be unfair for Anu. He lost her when he could, but now he can’t spoil her happy life. GK suggests that if fate favors him and gives him another chance, he should accept. AK believes he cannot and says he wants to accept the situation. He will console himself.

Baa tells Anu to oil the swing hinges. It will reduce the sound. Mamaji laughs and suggests that she put some in her mouth. Baa tells him to stop making fun of his jokes. Anu senses his tension and asks her if she is okay. Baa answers yes. Bapuji comes home with GK, and AK says that while returning from meeting his friend he went to have jalebi. He found them there so he forced them to bring them here. Anuj walks in the kitchen with Anuj and offers her jalebi-rabdi packets. Kavya, Kinjal and Toshu return from morning walks and Anu is happy to see them. Toshu fumes, and asks Vanraj to say something. Vanraj claims that AK is Anu’s friend and he can do nothing. Toshu claims he can, but mummies don’t have friends. He will not allow that to happen.