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Anupama 13th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Vanraj and Kavya are both disappointed by Anupama’s critique of her idea. Anupama says that she liked the idea, and that she presented it to Anuj/AK. If he doesn’t like it that is all that can happen. Bapuji is disappointed by Vanraj and Kavya, and walks away. Kavya tries to get Baa to believe that Anu’s attitude changed after AK’s entrance.

Baa tells her not to provoke her. Kavya claims she was just expressing her thoughts. Baa tells her to shut down and she sits thinking. Kinjal attempts to calm Anu and asks her not to worry about Kavya’s words. Kavya is hopeful that the deal will be finalized and that nobody will talk about AK afterwards. GK questions AK if he didn’t consider giving Anu a rose, which AK has been keeping in his diary for 26 years.

AK claims that he had in mind to inform her on the party day, yesterday and today. GK questions AK about why he didn’t do it. AK says that things have changed. Anu is now independent and continues her difficult path. He is her friend.

GK claims he should have proposed to her that day. AK claims he would not have fought in college despite his parents’ and GKs advice. He was admitted to hospital for 10 days. Devika informed him that Anu was already married. Anu was still in shock and he called his parents and GK. Devika used to provide Anu with information every day; he could finally see Anu after 26 long years.

GK questions is it. AK says he is going to an important meeting. GK believes fate brought them together after 26-years and that it will now play its part.

Samar and Nandini dance on Naujawanon baat mano.. song. Anu comes in and is happy to see them dancing together and overcoming their differences. Kanhaji is embraced and thanked by her. She advises them to fight for love but not doubt one another; love encourages you to live so they can stop doubting each others. Mamaji calls Anu come to cafe soon. Anu prepares a dish and hands it to Manoj.

Manoj wants to know how she prepared the dish without an oven. Anu replies that she can teach him how to use the stove. She makes a dish for each customer, and AK is shocked to see her. When he invests in the property, he says he wants it to be checked. She claims that this is Mr Shah’s cafe, and that he can even check her dance academy. He asks how he will ever visit again if all he sees at once. He is a businessman, and won’t have the time. He recites shayari. She calls him shayar Kapadi ji. He laughed and said it was very funny. Anu laughs as well.

Vanraj and Kavya are jealous of this. Rakhi enters with Toshu, and he is jealous. Rakhi says that they seem too friendly. She heard it from Toshu so she wanted to confirm. Anuj tries the dish and declares that it is heaven. She has magic in her hands. Vanraj is taunted by Rakhi that time changes and this magic was in his life once. Rakhi was trying to figure out how she could recover her loan, and she thought about visiting a cafe to do so. However, Anu’s friendship to AK made her believe Anu could arrange for 40 crores.

AK claims that he was bored eating GK’s pre-prepared food. Anu tells him to wait until Mr Shah and Kavya arrive. He accepts. Rakhi continues taunting Vanraj. Vanraj tells her to stop. Rakhi warns her that a man can’t tolerate his wife or ex-wife talking about another man. Anu tells her that she is late for dance class and asks for masala tea.

Power returns, Anu is stunned to see Vanraj, Kavya and Rakhi. Rakhi greets AK, saying she heard he was Anu’s friend. This reminds her of their Chicago meeting 2 years ago. He claims he doesn’t remember her. She recalls her husband scolding her in front of foreigners, and they were stunned.

AK says no. She persists, but fails. Kavya claims she is Kinjal’s mother. AK questions Kavya if she is Paritosh’s MIL. Kavya replies that AK is a family-man and she should have introduced herself like this. She then starts buttering AK. Vanraj next greets Anu fuming at him and tells AK he would send his order to his café.

AK claims he was inspired by his legal team to come here and couldn’t resist Anu’s special meal. Vanraj claims he loved the dish. AK said it was incredible. He discussed the matter with his lawyer and will receive a report by tomorrow. He attempts to pay the bill. Kavya insists that there is no need to do so and will pack some for GK.

AK claims that this is not their home. Anu supports him and claims he is not their guest at the home. He accepts payment. Kavya wishes AK well and forgets Rakhi’s name. Kavya says Rakhi Dave. AK thanks Anu, says good-bye Mrs Dave and asks if she will show her dance academy. Anu assures him that she will show him the whole place. Toshu snarlingly denies that such a thing is necessary.


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