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Anupama 11th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Anupama has difficulty opening her laptop. AK assists her and tells her that if she’s not at ease, she can talk to him verbally. Anu claims that her bahu Kinjal worked hard on the presentation and opens it. She doesn’t know anything about hotel. Kavya, to her dismay, says that hotel is a place where people can sit and eat. Anu claims she is knowledgeable about food. People remember the hotel’s interior decor, but not the good food or people who make it. Kavya said that we call them chefs, and they are hard to find. Anu believes that mother is the best chef. Kavya murmurs that her theplagiri has started. She says that while mother does not have to face criticism, chef must face criticism. Anu claims that even mother is subject to criticism from the world’s biggestget critic, her saas/MIL. Customer may spare chef but saas won’t spare her bahu. Women are often left by their families, but they are still the best cooks. AK will provide them with respect and opportunities which their family did not. Vanraj recalls all the wrongdoings that he committed with Anu. Anu claims that women should leave their pride at home during bidayi/farewell. However, if he gives them a job, they will work hard to make his hotel a success. AK believes his mother spoke similar words and looks at GK.

Kavya shouts that they are here for business, not emotions. Anu claims that even though she is talking about business, housewives can earn much less than chefs if trained. AK believes that money can be spent. Anu believes that if they can spend money on interior decor, why not their training? He can open bank accounts and transfer their salary directly to their accounts. Kavya states that AK would have donated to charity if he had the option. AK questions Kavya? Kavya replies that he is AK. AK then asks Anu to continue. Anu wants to know which food is the most similar in the world. Kavya says Chinese, Vanraj says continental. Anu claims that neither of these are the world’s most delicious and commonly consumed food. If he can arrange one day in his hotel to serve maake haath, ka khana/mothers prepared food, then even Mr Shah’s hotel will be able to keep the same theme. AK claims that all cuisines can be found on one side, while mother’s food is the other. Anu claims that there will be many people who address him as sir but not as beta/son. He doesn’t need to spend any money training as mamta/motherhood is from the heart. That’s it. AK claims their ideas are unique. Mr Shah’s idea, which is practical and well researched, is grounded, and Anu’s idea, is emotional and may not apply practially. Kavya exclaims that he is free to take his time. Vanraj thanked him for taking the time to meet them, and he walks out of his cabin together with Kavya.

Anu is stopped by AK. She agrees. He wants her to be casual, not make him feel old. She promises to try. He said he would return her box. She was happy to thank him. It was important because women can do anything, but not in her box. Anu continues. Anu repeats that his mother used to say the same thing and asks her if she can make halwa again. She promises to send it via Samar, and shakes the box. AK tells her that maa taught her to not return an empty box. She then asks for the contents. She opens the box and is excited to see aam papad, imlie goli. He reminds her that Devika and she used to buy it at home. Anu claims she forgot about it. He claims he forgot it and recites a shayari, meaning he recalls everything. GK is correct in saying he confuses people by his shayari. She thanks him for making her memories sweeter than halwa. He said he has many memories. She asks imliegoli and aam Papad. He replies memories. He thanks her for the meeting. She says that she won’t feel bad if it doesn’t work out. Then he walks off asking her to heat her hot chocolate and then drink it. While he looks at her, he closes the door.

Samar, a dance academy instructor, apologizes to Nandini in his own style. He wears sorry all over his shirt and sings Tumse Hi Tumse Hi.. while dancing with her. He is embraced by her and she forgives her. Anu leaves AK’s cabin, and asks Kavya or Vanraj if they haven’t gone yet. Kavya says that they thought she hadn’t come along with them and they can drop her off at home. Vanraj questions what AK was saying in the cabin. She said he wanted to return the box. He inquires if the box was stored in a locked locker. He ignores her as she walks off. Nandini is sorry Samar has misunderstood him. She apologizes to him for not being informed. He laughs at her. She admits she knows that she has a past. He interrupts her and tells her that mummy had explained his error, even though he could have a history, they will both sort out Rohan’s problem. He is embraced by her again.

Kavya, upon returning home, said that AK is a practical businessman. He will give up his life to be with friends, but not for his business. Anu agrees. Anu enjoys imli-goli and is happy. Vanraj is more jealous of this. GK questions AK about his thoughts. AK states that Anu’s idea is great to hear but not practical. He needs to talk to his team about it. GK questions AK if he will answer no. AK states that it should be her decision. However, decisions would be made by the core team. He never imagined that Anu would find himself in a position where he would have to say no. Anu returns home. Vanraj said that it was the first time he had ever seen someone so passionate about imlie/tamarind. He gives her one and asks for it. He hurls it at her. After hearing his idea, AK’s team says that both ideas are great. AK states that he should discuss the idea with marketing department, and sends them. GK gives him multivitamin. AK questions why. GK replies that he needs to keep his eyesight. AK claims that old age sent him a friend request. GK says that he would not accept the request if he wanted to, but that he likes Anu’s idea. He smiles.

Baa questions Vanraj and Kavya at Shah house about the meeting. Kavya claims that AK won’t reject her proposal because it was very good. Baa tells her to stop self-praising her and allow Vanraj to speak. Kavya claims that even Anu came up with the most stupid idea. AK listened to it as a friend, or she would have kicked her out. Vanraj claims that even though AK is her friend she should have discussed the matter with them first. Anu said that if someone had made an aeroplane people would have laughed at him. People don’t value original ideas, so she will not be remorseful.


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