70+ Alone Captions for Instagram

Your photos alone will be even more beautiful with a caption that matches your personality and expresses the vibe you are experiencing. You’ll also be able to convey to your friends what you were thinking and feeling at that moment and the meaning of that photo for you.

We’ve made a list with thoughtful photo phrases alone that will complement your photo with messages of peace and tranquility. Show the guys that you know how to enjoy life and that you are going through a very good phase. You will rock!

Captions for alone thoughtful photos to share what was on your mind

My essence is to change: it is not enough for me to be a river, if I can be the sea.

What matters is feeling good, what matters is doing good.

I am who I am. Your approval is not required.

Every morning the world is new to me.

The light that illuminates me is stronger than the evil eyes that surround me.

On the street she is just certainty, inside she is just a mystery.

Everything will get better, I know it will, because my God is greater than any difficulty.

Next to me I only want what makes me feel good…

Like a sunflower, be light for yourself and rediscover your sun.

A bright day depends more on your attitudes than on the sun itself.

The pain that hurts me is the same pain that teaches me.

If even the seasons change, why stay the same?

She thought she wasn’t going to hold the wave, but she remembered that she was the sea itself.

What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t transform you.

Things go, things come… So see to it that the good things remain.

The secret to happiness is keeping happiness a secret.

When you believe in yourself, it’s impossible not to blossom.

A toast to the prom that follows, to the life that goes on and to the constant chances of making a comeback.

I am the sum of my attitudes, my feelings and my ideas.

Be more than meets the eye!

I want peace. I want tranquility. I want everything that makes me really good.

Good feelings do not weigh, can take in the soul and heart, without moderation!

Everything you think about, you attract. And when you believe, it becomes real!

Every new day is a chance to repair mistakes and be happy!

The energy you spread is the same energy you receive.

Live, get involved, surrender, be enchanted!

While some seek the meaning of life, I live it.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be happy.

Wherever you are, be with all your heart!

Shine without fear, girl. The light that guides you comes from above.

Never forget to love yourself in spite of everything.

With the strength of my faith, I walk anywhere.

Life is too beautiful to waste time on things that slow us down.

Feet on the ground, head held high and faith in life.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

She had the incredible habit of smiling with her eyes and seeing with her soul.

Despite my constant indecision, what I want is to be happy!

To others, I give the right to be who they are. To me, I give the duty to be better every day!

Overflow love, who does not know how to swim, who sinks alone.

With spring I learned to let myself be cut and always come back whole.

Accept what is, let go of what was and embrace what will be.

Old routes do not chart new paths!

The ax was from Assisi. The rose, from Guimarães. Manuel’s flag. But really happy was Jorge, who was loved.

Sometimes losing the roof means winning the stars.

From now on, every day will be the most important!

How you love yourself is how you teach everyone to love you.

Perplexity is the beginning of knowledge.

There are no gray days for those who dream of color.

She’s beautiful, but she’s crazy, she changes her will like she changes her clothes.

When you allow yourself what you deserve, you will attract what you need.

To dare is to lose balance momentarily. Not daring is getting lost.

She is one of those who believe that life should be smiled.

Let nothing define us, let nothing subject us. Let freedom be our very substance, since to live is to be free.

I don’t want life to imitate art. I want life to be art.

If I ever dreamed of perfection, today I dream of balance.

Whether light. The world is full of gray people.

In the midst of chaos is my point of balance.

We are stardust.

Freedom is not enough. What I desire has no name yet.

Life becomes much lighter when we don’t expect anything from anyone.