Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 8th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The Episode begins with Namrata stating that Aatish wants to divorce me. I don’t want this matter to go to court. Vipul and Dada Ji say they will cause him trouble. She said that I don’t want any complications. He is dangerous and she should stay away. Nandini says enough. Nandini says that you shouldn’t think about him, he’s incapable of doing anything. Rajvi agrees. Namrata said that I want my peace of head. Rajvi claims that we are educated, so why are you afraid? We will support you and Aatish will be sent to jail. Namrata claims that he did not torture you, but Nandini insists that we will take your medical records into consideration. Namrata leaves. Nandini believes she can tell Darsh the truth. She believes that I will not let any innocent man get this stain.

Parul visits Rajvi. Parul comes to Rajvi. Rajvi tells her to let her relax. Vini is a child, so we need to explain to her that you and Chetan will spoil Vini. She embraces Parul. Nandini claims that Darsh will be busy with meetings. We will get bored. Parul plans a party. Vini claims that everyone will be having a great time here and will soon get bored. Nandini suggests that you relax and enjoy the party. I’ll go and join, so we can make disneyyland trips. Vini asks promise. Nandini says promise. Vini promises that you won’t feel guilty because I’m here. Nandini suggests that you stay back. Vini runs. Darsh asks if we are going on a vacation. Nandini agrees and hugs Darsh. Namrata watches.

Darsh said that he had to speak to you. Namrata approaches them and asks if they would like to watch a movie. He said, “Yes, I will. They went. Nandini said that Darsh must hear the truth about the trip.

It’s morning and Nandini and Darsh leave the house. He compliments. He compliments. He said that he was taking a beautiful girl out on a date. We didn’t have dating and we got married shortly after. She said, “Don’t make me wait.” He promises he won’t be upset. She says she wants to talk. They both leave. Parul decorates Vini’s room. Everyone is happy. Chetan claims Vini will visit you. Charmy believes they worked hard to get Vini. But Vini will stop Nandini going to Darsh. Vini arrives and hugs Parul. Parul thanked her for coming. Vini said that she knows these toys and chocolates are for her. Parul said that all of this was for you. They both laugh. Charmy believes Vini is ineffective, but she doesn’t know what Nandini said to her.

Aatish signs the divorce papers. Namrata claims that you should have reached an agreement before the divorce papers are filed. He asks her for papers to be checked. He leaves. She looks at the papers and becomes angry. She tells her that you shouldn’t have done it, and this will bother you a lot. Darsh replies, “I will explain to you the roleplay. This is my college. I’m the stud. You are the new beauty queen.” Darsh and Nandini make a joke of it. The men stare at her. He scolds them. He promises to get him chinese noodles. They sit down. Nandini takes his hand and says, “I have to talk about something.” He said, “Don’t propose me too soon.” Namrata calls her and she says, “Listen to this with calm eyes.” He then asks what means.

Namrata cries. Charmy tells Aatish that he will prove himself innocent and will file for divorce. Dada ji said that he would talk to the lawyer. Nandini and Darsh return home. Darsh examines the papers. Aatish claims that your blames are a lie. He challenged the divorce petition. He will be going to prison, it’s good. Vipul questions how you got so far from the trip. Charmy replies, “I had called Darsh back. I know Nandini would love to spend time with me, but there are more important things than family problems.” Namrata claims that I tried to preserve my marriage. He is punishing me. Nandini asks Namrata to reveal the truth about Aatish. Darsh claims that we are all here. Shobit claims that we have filed the FIR. The commissioner stated that he will handle this matter personally. Namrata asks why. Rajvi asks Namrata what’s the problem. Aatish should be punished. He will see the consequences of enmity. Nandini believes Namrata should be told the truth. Namrata claims that Aatish is a coward. I don’t know how he got the courage to speak out. Charmy suggests that you don’t worry, because you have medical records. Namrata claims it is fake. Charmy tells Aatish to relax, because he will lose all his courage once he is arrested. Namrata said that if you are caught, I will expose your crimes. Charmy pushes Charmy and scolds the girl. Namrata apologizes, but don’t be upset. I really wish Nandini didn’t interfere.