Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 4th October 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The episode begins with Nandini questioning Parul about Rajvi, who responds by stating that she hasn’t seen her. Nandini becomes concerned and informs her that Rajvi has gone missing and that everyone is looking for her. Vini arrives at that point and presents them with the letter that she has received. Nandini takes a look at it and believes it to be Rajvi’s. As a result, Parul phones Guruji in the hopes that Rajvi has gone to visit him, but is disappointed when he responds negatively. They become tense, and Vini feels concerned about Rajvi’s well-being. Nandini asks Parul to look after Vini while she goes on a search for Rajvi and his family.

This is the scene in which Charmi joyfully cancels her wedding gown. Shobhit is taken aback by her behaviour and inquires as to whether she would be able to get ready for the wedding. She reprimands him, noting that his mother has gone missing and that he is concerned about the wedding reception. She also speaks negatively about Rajvi, to which Shobhit responds by rebuking her and announcing that he will not marry her. He walks away from the table, and Charmi smirks at him.


After hearing their chat, Nandini is taken aback by Charmi’s outburst of surprise. She approaches her, and the latter immediately begins to portray herself as depressed. She begs Nandini to bring Rajvi back to her as soon as she is capable of doing so.


Vipul, on the other hand, believes Toral is responsible for Rajvi’s disappearance. He inquires as to whether she is acting in a way that suggests she is mentally sick. He admits that he and Keshav were the ones who made the decision in the past. He asserts Rajvi’s innocence and requests that Toral return his wife to him. He urges her to leave his family and tells her that he will not be able to give her back the item that he has stolen away from her. Chetan calms him down and tells him that he doesn’t believe Toral is engaged in the situation.


Nandini is concerned about Rajvi’s well-being and considers informing Darsh of the situation. While Toral is in his room, Vipul removes him from the premises. Darsh notices him and questions him, at which time he fabricates a lie. Nandini arrived to inform Darsh about the predicament, while he departs on the grounds that he needs to prepare for the wedding reception.


Shobhit expresses his dissatisfaction with the wedding ahead of time in front of Vipul. He declares that he would not marry unless Rajvi is present, but Parul arrives and assures him that his mother will return shortly. She asks them to begin preparations for the wedding.


Nandini decides to speak with Charmi about her concerns. She manages to get into her room, but she is unable to locate her. She is taken aback when she discovers Darsh’s picture in her room and becomes suspicious. At that point, Charmi’s phone rings, and Nandini is taken aback when she hears Mrs. Patil’s voice on the other end of the line. Charmi returns to her room, but Nandini remains hidden in the shadows. Charmi continues to look for her phone and leaves the room to look for it.


Further, Nandini attempts to open Charmi’s phone and enters the birthdates of everyone in the room. She is taken aback when she notices that it has been opened on Darsh’s birthday. She phones Mrs. Patil and is surprised to discover that Charmi was attempting to call off her wedding and was putting Mrs. Patil through misery, while the latter also informs her that the Rawals have been paying for Toral’s care for several years. She is suspicious of Charmi and comes to the conclusion that she is in love with Darsh and is plotting to deceive them.


Shobhit visits Nandini and confides in her about his concerns. He declares that he will not marry unless Rajvi is present, and he asks Nandini to do something to bring everything back to normal. His relationship with Charmi is brought up by the woman, to which he responds that she has changed a great deal. Darsh arrives at that point and informs the group that Rajvi is also not present in the temple.


Darsh enters Charmi’s chamber, and she embraces him while he is inside. She pretends to be concerned about Rajvi and asks him to return her to her. He calms her, then Jhilmil arrives and presents Charmi with fruits from the garden. She inquires as to why Charmi has instructed her to cut papaya because it is harmful to the baby, to which Charmi merely scolds her. Darsh departs from the location, while Charmi smirks at the prospect of acquiring Darsh.