Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 31st August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The Episode begins with Nandini recalling Namrata’s words. Charmy said that she understood you. Otherwise, Nandini would have railed against you. Namrata smiles. She claims Nandini cannot teach me. Nandini said that Namrata won’t smile if she has sorrow, and I should be happy that she is trying her best to keep it that way. Charmy said that it was not difficult for me to make these wounds heal, but she needs your help to get Nandini out. Namrata said that Nandini will leave our house and she would be happy for me to see her. They are joined together. Nandini opens the doors for Aatish. She questions how did you know I stayed here? Aatish replies that I am not following you. She claims that this is my Sasural. He claims it’s my Sasural too, Namrata’s husband Aatish is mine and you… She insists that I am Darsh’s spouse. Darsh punches Aatish. Aatish questions him about his behavior. Darsh mocks him. Aatish questions him about his actions.

Everyone comes. Darsh claims you have broken our trust. Namrata is not going to be happy about this. Charmy wonders if you knew he would come here. Namrata said that he will do what he does. Aatish questions what is going on here. Rajvi slaps him. Shobit also scolds Rajvi. Shobit says that you beat Namrata. Aatish questions them about their thoughts. She replies that I had no other choice than to tell them. Shobit claims you did this, and you’re acting shocked. Your truth is out. Aatish questions when did you raise your hand. Namrata assures them that I won’t lie.

Nandini remembers Aatish’s words. Aatish claims she lies. Rajvi questions if her wounds are also lying. Namrata begs for divorce. Aatish asked him if he would prove himself a liar and if he could tell the truth. Darsh questions him about the drama and he must tell the truth. Namrata is worried. She claims that we will begin divorce proceedings. Aatish claims that I will not sign anything. Darsh shouts that you will sign.

Aatish said that he didn’t know Namrata could do this. Shobit tells him to go. Darsh says get out. They expel Aatish from the room and close the door. Namrata questions Namrata about her mother. Rajvi weeps and responds, “I asked you to keep the marriage. I didn’t know this.” Nandini claims it is hard to believe that Aatish could do this. Darsh claims that he met you for the first-time today. Nandini says no, I met him before. Namrata questions if you are trying to lie and says Nandini no. Nandini said no, I met him. He didn’t seem like he would raise his hand for his wife, but he seemed to love his wife very much. Namrata claims you trust him more than I, and you think that I am cheating my family. Nandini says no. Darsh claims you don’t know Aatish. How can this be true? Rajvi said that some people lie a lot. The men who torture women seem good to the rest of the world. We didn’t expect Aatish would be such. Namrata tells her not to worry.

Darsh arrives at Nandini. She claims that Namrata was not lying. He said, “Don’t give me an excuse, don’t you know that we all made mistakes in knowing Aatish,” he added, “You don’t need to feel bad about it, we will go to sleep now, and you must wake up early tomorrow.” He hugged her.

Rajvi requests Nandini to take a seat. Darsh arrives and serves Nandini the food. Rajvi says that I envy Nandini. Parul and our husbands are asleep, Darsh prepared food for Nandini. Darsh tells Nandini that she will pray for me to live a long life. I am selfish and can do this for selfish reasons. Nandini smiles. Darsh tells Nandini to enjoy yourself, I’m going. Parul asks Nandini for a prayer. They close their eyes and pray. Charmy is a good person. She makes the bowl drop. Rajvi asks if you are fine. Charmy responds, “Sorry, I slipped.” Rajvi questions if you are okay. Charmy replies, “Yes, Nandini.” Nandini said it was okay. Charmy said that I feel terrible. Rajvi requests them to sit. Charmy asks Rajvi why you didn’t call me. She also wants to keep a fast. Rajvi replies that you cannot have food and water throughout the day. It’s not healthy for you. Charmy said that she wants to keep it. Parul claims it is for married women.

Charmy believes that marriage will be possible one day. Rajvi says it’s fine. Let me know if you have any problems. Nandini prays that Darsh has a long and happy life. Charmy prays for Darsh. They both eat the food. Darsh enters the room and closes the door. Nandini asks didn’t you sleep. He responds, “I have to tell you something.” She inquires about what has happened. He takes some chocolates. He opens the packet and shows his appreciation for the chocolates. He tells her to stop fasting, come to the room, have chocolates and you will be fine. She giggles. He said, “Pray that I always have your presence in my life.” She said that I had a right to think about your life. I would like to keep my fast. I will break it with our I love You chocolates. He said, “I won’t tell you.” She wants to know what. He replied that he was going to tell her. She then asks, “What?” Rajvi calls her. Charmy watches. Nandini goes.