Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

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The episode begins with the hospital’s management calling Vipul and informing him that he is at Rawals’ residence. He hands the phone to Nandini so she can call Toral’s family, but Vipul stops the call abruptly because he is afraid. Nandini is sceptical of Toral and requests to speak with him before sending him to the mental institution. On Rajvi’s advice, the manager phones Vipul again, but this time he cuts the call and switches it off. They are concerned that Nandini and Darsh would discover their secret. In the meantime, Nandini declares that she will meet Toral’s family before sending her away. The manager departs, and Rajvi and Vipul arrive.

Darsh informs his parents about the situation. Toral must be taken to any of the hospitals, according to Vipul. Rajvi, on the other hand, adopts Nandini’s side and asserts that she is correct. Toral is allowed to stay at the residence. Toral is afterwards looked after by Jhilmil. She notices the Puja vessel in Toral’s hand and tries to take it from him, but Toral refuses. Jhilmil is injured while attempting to take it at that point. Rajvi arrives and attempts to get Toral to understand.


Rajvi tries to take the vessel, but Toral becomes enraged and inadvertently injures herself. At that point, Nandini and Darsh arrive, and Rajvi informs them of the situation. Nandini wants to take the ship away, but Toral is certain that it belongs to her. Nandini afterwards takes her away with herself.


In another scene, Rajvi expresses her concern to Vipul over Toral’s memory. She expresses her anxiety as she sees Toral regaining her memories and urges that they must send her away. Charmi, on the other hand, telephones Mrs. Patel and tells her that Rajvi is concerned about Toral regaining her memory, and that she will keep her updated on the issue.


Toral is dressed by Nandini and taken downstairs. Darsh had explained to her in a flashback that they needed to take Toral to the hospital for her own good. Nandini persuades Toral to accompany her and promises to accompany her. She guarantees that the doctor will not cut her hair. Toral is taken away by a nurse, who keeps shouting for Nandini to accompany her.


Nandini is saddened by Toral’s leaving, and Darsh consoles her. Nandini, he believes, is a wonderful human being. Meanwhile, Darsh makes Vini study and has amusing disputes with her, while Nandini watches and feels sad, believing he would have made a wonderful father.


Darsh finds Shobhit unhappy after Charmi and Shobhit argue. He inquires about the situation, and Shobhit responds that Charmi has no choice but to give birth to his child, and that he feels awful for her and pledges to be a good father. Darsh reassures him, saying that he would speak with Charmi and make her understand.


Darsh also informs Nandini that Toral is wreaking havoc in her absence. They go downstairs and meet with the doctor, who informs them that Toral refuses to stay without Nandini, which is why she was purchased back. Charmi smirks as she asks Nandini to keep Toral with her, believing that by doing so, she will be able to discover Rajvi’s secret.


Nandini tells Rajvi that Toral is staying with them, and the latter chastises her. Nandini tries to get Rajvi to understand, but she dismisses her. Everyone gathers in Toral’s chamber after hearing her scream. Nandini says she’s crying when she sees the tag that’s wrapped around the necks of newborn newborns. Toral is consoled by Shobhit and Darsh, while Rajvi and Vipul are taken aback by their concern. Nandini becomes suspicious and wonders why Rajvi refused to let Toral live with them.