Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 30th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The Episode begins with Nandini telling Darsh that she loves him. She said that men love their wives and want to show them love. He buys her chocolates. She wonders why. He said that whoever first says “I love you” will receive chocolates. This is our “I love you” chocolates. He gives her chocolate. They hug. Charmy watches. Namrata asks Rajvi to have food. Chetan asks Shobit for information about Aatish’s uncle. He signs Rajvi. Rajvi answers a phone call. Namrata states that I want normal living, and I don’t want to stay here. Rajvi agrees. Namrata gets ready. Charmy said that Charmy is so happy that you’re moving so quickly.

Parul said that Shalini, my friend, is a lawyer and he confirmed that Vini can be adopted. Chetan said that it was good but we need to address Namrata’s issue. She claims that she is not selfish. Chetan suggests that we also ask Nandini. She claims Vini will not live with strangers. Nandini won’t have a problem. Nandini decides to go pick Vini. She spots a car speeding towards Vini. She shouts. Vini is saved by a man who runs. He is hurt. Nandini scolds Vini and hugs her.Vini says sorry. The man questions Vini, asking if you are okay. Vini nods. Vini nods. He said that if love is deep, even a minute of separation looks like a year. Nandini assists him in picking his things. She is impressed by the red saree and bangles. He saved Vini, she says. He said it was okay. She said that the bangles had broken and she would buy new ones. He said that he was buying these for Teej. I will purchase new ones. I will meet her at her Maayka. I love her very much. She said she was so fortunate to have a loving husband. I will be praying for you, thank you. He claims he loves her very much, but it is not enough. He leaves. Vini said that Darsh was a good uncle. They move on.

Charmy loves to eat chocolates. Shobit is scolded a lot by Charmy. He claims that it is our baby in your womb. Think and talk. Shobit says she is sorry. I can’t accept that you have mood swings during pregnancy. He picks up the chocolates and cries. He said it was good and he didn’t feel pressure to do so. Vini watches and comments that Charmy doesn’t like chocolates. Charmy tells Namrata to support him, he’s the most imp. He goes. He leaves. She claims that I love chocolates but Darsh will deliver.

Darsh is available for you. He tells Charmy that he wants Aatish in some way. Find him. Charmy arrives and apologizes. I was looking for chocolates. Darsh claims …. Charmy claims there’s a box in this place. Nandini arrives and tells Charmy that she will be getting another box. Vini arrives and tells Shobit that you didn’t like chocolates. Charmy claims that he bought dark chocolates. I don’t like them. She enjoys the chocolates. She thanks Darsh. It’s hard to manage cravings during pregnancy. Next time, I will keep the stock. She leaves. Vini said that she is going to Parul right now. She leaves. Darsh claims I had stopped Charmy. What should I do if Charmy doesn’t stop? Nandini said you should have stopped Charmy, you have a tendency to do charity all the time, so you allowed her to eat the chocolate in our I love you boxes. He pulls her. He holds her in his arms. Aapki nazron…plays… He claims that our love will not be diminished if anyone eats the chocolate in our box. She said that anyone can come to her door. He responds, “Let anyone come. I will make this moment memorable.” He is close. She flees. Charmy asks Nandini what will happen when Darsh is born.

Nandini visits Namrata. Namrata speaks to her friend. Nandini said that I bought haldi milk to you. Darsh is looking for him. Namrata states that I want a divorce and don’t want Aatish to meet me. Nandini apologizes, I wasn’t trying to upset you. She leaves. Charmy stops Namrata and comes to Namrata. She drinks the milk. She asks why you need haldi milk if you’re not hurt. Namrata claims that I am hurt. Charmy claims that I am a doctor and I knew it. All these wounds are fake. Namrata questions Charmy about how dare she talk to her like that. I will tell my mom. Charmy invites her to join. Namrata said that I couldn’t choose, I can’t live a poor lifestyle, my mom would have sent us back if this drama didn’t happen, Aatish worries a lot about me, how should I deal with his worry? I don’t deserve such a life.