Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Nandini notices a mark on Toral’s saree at the start of the episode. She believes it is from the location from which she has arrived and sets out to learn more about it. Toral becomes agitated and begs her not to send her back, but Nandini soothes her and puts her to sleep. Meanwhile, Darsh continues to call every mental institution in the area to inquire about Toral. Hearing him, Vipul is taken aback and claims that he has already spoken to all of the hospitals. He manages to prevent Darsh from learning anything about Toral.

Vipul informs Rajvi of the situation while she chastises him. Toral arrives at that point and confronts Rajvi. She keeps her hands in her pockets as the other tries to remove them. Nandini arrives and comforts Toral while asking for water. Nandini dismisses her and chastises Jhilmil for allowing Toral to leave the room.

Charmi apologises to Darsh for her behaviour in regards to Nandini. She apologises, and he forgives her after explaining to her how her comments might harm Nandini. She then requests that he snap a selfie of her with her new phone. They take a picture once he accepts. She approaches him and grins, thinking that she will keep his portrait in front of her so that her baby will resemble him.

Meanwhile, Nandini arrives, and Darsh informs her of Charmi’s new phone. She unwillingly snaps a selfie with Nandini as well before departing. Nandini approaches Darsh and the two exchange glances. She declares that she would accompany him wherever he goes so that they can spend time together. While he is considering, he informs her that he has been unable to locate Toral in any of the asylums.

Charmi steps in between Darsh and Nandini and requests that Nandini make her some sweets. She expresses her desire for her homemade sweets, and Nandini offers to create them. Darsh enters the kitchen later and reminds Nandini about getting along with him and spending some time with him. She pushes him away, explaining that making sweets takes time. He notices Toral and Nandini, and she expresses her want to be with her. Toral gives a positive nod. Darsh then touches the hot pot, and Nandini becomes concerned about his safety. He continues from there, as Nandini considers looking up Toral’s saree mark on the internet.

Nandini calls the hospital ahead of time to inquire about Toral. Nandini dismisses the manager’s claim that he is coming to return Toral. He agrees and says he’ll come to see how she’s doing. Jhilmil afterwards takes Toral into her chamber. While Toral listens in on Rajvi’s phone conversation about the Puja, he overhears it.

Toral dashes downstairs and begins performing Aarti for the idol of the God. Everyone concentrates on the sound. When Rajvi notices Toral holding a plate of fire in his hand, he becomes concerned and tries to take it away. Darsh observes Rajvi’s saree ready to catch fire and intervenes to save her. Nandini manages to bring Toral to a halt, while Rajvi and Darsh proclaim that Toral must be returned to the hospital.

Rajvi then enters Toral’s room and demands that she leave them alone. She tells her that they are fine without her and that she should leave, as Toral covers her face below the blanket. Vipul arrives at that point and whisks Rajvi away.

Darsh is informed by Nandini about Toral’s admission to the hospital. He becomes sceptical about Vipul’s lack of knowledge about it. Later, the hospital’s manager comes to see them and says he wants to return Toral. Darsh chastises him for being uncaring with the patients and inquires about her. Darsh threatens him as he refuses to disclose any facts. He becomes frightened and agrees to provide the information. He phones Vipul and informs him that Toral has been found inside Rawals’ residence, and that he is also present. Hearing him, Vipul and Rajvi are taken aback.