Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 25th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Toral takes Vipul’s name at the start of the episode. Nandini becomes cheerful and urges her to recall her previous life. Rajvi and Darsh also arrive at that time. Darsh encourages Toral to work harder, while Vipul is terrified. Rajvi, on the other hand, covertly listens to train sounds on her phone. Toral’s mental state was disrupted, and she began yelling and screaming. She flees, with Darsh and Nandini trailing behind her. Rajvi nods enthusiastically when Vipul asks if she remembers Toral being affected by train noise, and she adds they need to move her somewhere before everyone finds out the truth.

Toral sprints towards the stairwell, while Charmi stares at her. Toral pushes her to the ground and sits there, stunned. Meanwhile, Shobhit prevents Charmi from collapsing. Nandini, on the other hand, consoles Toral and whisks her away.

Shobhit tries to soothe Charmi, but she snaps at Nandini. Toral will be ejected from their home, she declares. Rajvi agrees with her and says they can’t afford to take any additional chances. Charmi is yelling angrily and accusing Nandini of endangering her baby’s life. Others are surprised as she insults Nandini about her inability to be a mother. Rajvi and Darsh chastise her for her impolite behaviour and demand that she apologise to Nandini.

Nandini, on the other hand, believes she understands Charmi’s anguish even though she hasn’t been able to conceive. Darsh chastises Charmi, who falls silent and attempts to deal with the situation. Charmi disappoints Rajvi, who urges her not to be nasty to Nandini. She departs from their agitation.

Vipul and Chetan are served tea by Parul. She suggests that she will urge her friends to share Toral’s photo on social media platforms so that her family can contact her. Chetan becomes enraged and scolds her, but Vipul intervenes and tells him that Parul is only trying to help. He manages to defuse the tension by stating that they can find false persons on social media, to which Parul concurs.

Vini cheers Nandini up ahead. Darsh arrives at the same time, and Nandini tells him that he shouldn’t have yelled at Charmj. He responds that anyone who misbehaves with her would not be spared. Vipul arrives and advises Toral to be sent to a mental institution. Nandini says they need to figure out if Toral has escaped from any mental institutions. She promises Vipul that she would look after Toral.

Darsh notices Toral asleep on the floor and assists her in transferring to the bed. When Rajvi sees him, he becomes concerned and inquires about Toral’s life. She avoids the situation and flees. She expresses her dissatisfaction to Vipul and vows to expel Toral from their home.

Toral also tries to put her head into the vessel, but Nandini intervenes. Toral follows Nandini’s directions, according to Parul, and the latter continues to inquire about Toral’s relatives. Rajvi is irritated because she has taken Vipul’s name yet again. She requests that Toral be sent to a mental institution because she need round-the-clock care.

Nandini and Darsh try to persuade Rajvi that Toral is regaining her memories, but the latter becomes concerned and leaves. Later, Nandini explains some basic concepts to Toral and discovers a stain on her saree. She inquires about it with Toral, who has a panic attack and declares that she does not want to return. Nandini consoles her, suggesting that she look into that institute in order to discover more about Toral’s family.