Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 25th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The Episode begins with Shobit and Darsh climbing up the cliff. They meet Nandini. Darsh is asked to hurry, Gunjan’s safety is at stake. Darsh questions her whereabouts. She responds in this way. Shobit questions her about what she is doing. They go. Naveen takes the vegetables. He asks Gunjan where he is, and I shout at her for her improvement. She is stubborn, and can’t see my love. Bansuri claims you forgot to make her mushroom soup. He promises to get it for her. Gunjan asks Gunjan to keep his hand on mine. Charmy sees Shobit, Nandini, and Darsh coming. Gunjan says pull me upwards. Charmy says, “Keep holding my hand.” She apologizes. She believes I must do this for my baby. Gunjan is left behind. Everyone rushes to see. They are shocked. Shobit shouts Gunn… Police arrives. Inspector questions if anyone fell from the cliff. Vini is with Parul. Chetan comes. She asks if you went to the hospital. He replies that he is going. She said that she feels like everyone else has children except for us when she sees Vini. Vipul calls him. He wants to know. She wants to know what has happened.

Police try to find Gunjan’s body. Charmy weeps and tells me that her hand fell from mine. Nandini said you would have tried very hard. Darsh believes she was saved. Inspector claims we have sent the search teams, Nandini came to meet the suspect, so how did Gunjan get here? Nandini says Gunjan had attacked Rajvi. They are shocked.

Nandini claims Gunjan was the culprit, Rajvi was pushed by Gunjan accidentally, Gunjan had come in order to kill Charmy. Shobit gets shocked. Nandini claims Shobit and Charmy’s baby Rajvi was pushed by Gunjan accidentally, but she tried again to kill Rajvi. Everyone is in the hospital. Rajvi is conscious. Everyone smiles. Dada ji thanked the doctor. Vini said you had been sleeping for a while. Darsh was taken into custody by police and placed in jail. Rajvi gets shocked. Vipul tells Rajvi that there’s nothing to worry. Parul asks Vini for Rajvi’s rest. They leave. Vipul said to relax, Darsh attacked me. Rajvi claims that Gunjan gave me a push, but I didn’t get attacked. Chetan questions Gunjan.

Shobit says Charmy Charmy said sorry. I tried to hold Gunjan but her hand fell. It means that you handled this by yourself, or is it our child? She nods. She says Nandini was acting for the baby. He weeps. Inspector apologizes, I am sorry. We will be taking strict action against the constable who helped Gunjan. He leaves. Darsh embraces Nandini. He gets Chetan’s call. Charmy meets Darsh. Vipul questions Gunjan why he was hiding there. Rajvi replies that she didn’t know and that she pushed me accidentally. Vipul claims she came to attack your here. We learned something shocking from Chetan, who claims Gunjan was the attacker.

The family returns home. Darsh claims that Gunjan wasn’t found until now. Charmy assures her that she tried to hold Gunjan. Parul requests her to calm down. Chetan said that Gunjan came to Charmy’s house to kill her baby. Shobit claims that I did not give her the love she deserves, it is all my fault. Naveen is with Bansuri. He claims that you all killed my child, you are all murderers. Everyone cries.

He makes fun of Nandini. He claims that Gunjan was the one who called Gunjan at cliff. Nandini is determined to be great. Nandini claims that I did nothing. Charmy claims Nandini went to get help. I couldn’t hold Gunjan’s hand, Nandini arrived late. Naveen scolds Nandini. Nandini is given a table. Darsh stops Naveen. Naveen claims you will have to suffer the same pain. I curse you. You will also lose your child like you have taken my Gunjan. Everyone gets shocked.