Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 24th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Sai begins the episode by inquiring for the transfer certificate with the Principal. If there’s any new information, I’ll let you know. The principal claims that he does not want to lose such a bright student. Pulkit claims that Sai is adamant about not changing her mind. The application is accepted by Sai. Ganpati puja is being prepared by Chavans. Devyani searches for Sai, and Bhavani informs him that Ganpati ji has arrived, but Sai is not present to greet him. Devyani is instructed by Ashwini to assist her in producing Rangoli. Devyani is ecstatic.

Sai claims that the only way to resolve the issues is to leave Chavans, and that leaving Nagpur is the best option; otherwise, Chavans will keep pleading with her to return. Pulkit and the Principal try to persuade her not to take such a big risk with her education. She can continue her studies in a different part of Nagpur. Pulkit adds she’s welcome to stay at his apartment as well.

Chavans will travel to his house assuming she is there, according to Sai, thus she won’t be able to stay there. Pulkit says he’ll get her a house that belongs to a friend of his. Sai claims that she needs some time to consider it. She expresses her gratitude for their help.

Pakhi opens the door with the aarti thal, assuming Virat and Samrat have arrived with the idol. Sai, on the other hand, arrives, and Ashwini orders her to get dressed.

The Chavans bring the idol, and Samrat claims to have summoned the children. Chikoo converses with her buddies who are engrossed in their meals. Virat meets Chikoo and her friends for the first time. Chikoo claims that she came to meet Virat because he is an outstanding cop. She inquires as to how to locate a missing person. She becomes agitated.

Who is that, said Virat? That, according to Chikoo, is her mother. Virat assures her that he will dispatch one police to assist her in the search for her mother. Chikoo inquires if he is receiving Ganpati ji without a suitable welcome. Later on, Chikoo and Virat begin to dance to a tune.

Pakhi hears their words and sees Virat carrying the idol. She believes she will be able to perform Virat’s aarti. She hurriedly opens the door, and Ashwini summons Sai. Virat, she claims, brought the idol. Because Sai is Virat’s wife, she has the authority to do aarti for him.

Pakhi becomes agitated, and Ashwini advises Sai to smile. The ceremonies are performed by Sai, who also administers tika to Virat’s forehead. They bring the Ganpati idol inside and place it in the appropriate location. Pakhi is asked by Ashwini if she will make modak for everyone. Her dishes were a hit with everyone.

Pakhi agrees, saying that unlike Sai, Ganpati will not refuse to eat her modak. Samrat inquires as to why Pakhi enjoys taunting Sai so much. Pakhi responds that she is aware that Sai enjoys Kamal and Virat’s modak. Virat declares that he would make the modak this time. Samrat is ecstatic when he hears that.

Pakhi inquires as to why, if Samrat is the oldest son, he did not bring the idol. Bhavani claims she instructed Virat to do so. Samrat, on the other hand, will sit in Puja with Pakhi tomorrow. Pakhi believes she will show Virat tomorrow how it feels to lose someone you care about.