Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 24th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Nandini asks Rajvi how he got hurt. Gunjan claims that I didn’t do it. She recalls visiting Charmy. She hears Rajvi and Charmy arguing. Charmy is critical of Rajvi’s inability to keep her promise. She claims that if you had asked me to remain as Nandini with Darsh I would not have gotten any happiness. But I accepted to live such a life in order to name my child. Rajvi said that she remembered her promise. Give me time. Charmy spits on Charmy and breaks the water jug. Rajvi asks Charmy to calm down. Charmy replies that you shouldn’t speak of my baby right now. You will never see my baby face. Rajvi says, “Listen to me. You are very angry.” Charmy shouts, “Stop ignoring me!” She leaves. Rajvi believes that I feel like someone is there. She looks behind the curtain. Light moves. Rajvi grabs Gunjan and shouts. She tries to take Gunjan’s mask off. She takes off the mask. She falls on the glass. Gunjan is shocked. Rajvi sees Gunjan’s face. Gunjan asks Rajvi, “What did I do?” FB is over.

Nandini claims you didn’t think about Naveen, and he will be ashamed. You also tried to kill a pregnant woman’s child, and you don’t trust Shobit. Charmy asked him to return Charmy, but he refused. He had closed the doors to the family himself. Gunjan weeps and tells Nandini to listen, trust me. Rajvi was pushed and fell. Nandini questions Gunjan about why you tried to frame Darsh. She says that you bribed the lab technician to change his reports. Gunjan said that I was afraid of being caught by police, but I know you can save my life. Nandini wants to know how can I forgive you. You didn’t attack Rajvi but tried to kill Rajvi at the hospital. Gunjan said that I was afraid, and what could I do? Nandini questions Shobit about the family talks. Shobit would have shared that information with her. Gunjan responds that you are wrong. Charmy arrives and scolds Gunjan.

Gunjan believes she will now support me. Charmy claims that I followed Nandini to get here. Gunjan is scolded by her. She slaps her. She says, “I will have you arrested today. I will tell police that Rajvi was attacked and you attempted to kill my baby.” Nandini claims law will make the decision, so leave her. Charmy pushes Gunjan. Nandini asks Charmy for calmness.

Gunjan claims that you are taking all the blame for my actions. Charmy claims that you locked me up in the room and married Shobit. You tried to kill my baby. Gunjan falls back. She hangs from the railing. Charmy holds Charmy’s hand. Nandini is there to help.

Nandini promises that we will help you. Charmy asks Nandini to get a rope and help. Nandini goes. Gunjan tells Nandini to stay with me. Charmy claims I am mad. I didn’t want to kill you. If you live, then you will see the truth. You came to kill me baby. Gunjan claims that the proof is still with him, that that glass piece bears your fingerprints. Charmy recalls Rajvi falling injured. Gunjan is there, she says. Charmy claims that her pulse is very low and we must take her to the hospital. Why are you disguised? Charmy tries to remove the broken glass.

She takes out the glass. Gunjan claims that Rajvi fell on the piece of glass, but I did not do anything. I will keep the piece. If you are my spy, then tell me who is Rajvi’s family. I will then give the piece to the police. I believe your baby will be born at the prison. Charmy asks you if you want to take the glass piece. Then people will be interested in your murder weapon. Charmy claims it is an accident, not a murder. Trophy breaks.

Gunjan wraps the trophy in a cloth and places it in the cupboard. Charmy is asked to leave immediately or she will send her to jail. Facebook ends. Gunjan claims that we had promised to each other support. Please pull me up. Nandini is looking for help. Charmy remembers Gunjan. She claims that I was trying to start a new life together with Darsh. Gunjan states that I have no love for you and will keep the glass piece until the police close the case. Charmy agrees that we need to do something to save Darsh as well as ourselves. Gunjan says save yourself first. Facebook ends. Charmy said that you wanted me to save my own life first. Gunjan tells me not to do this with you. Charmy watches.