Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Charmy meets Darsh at the police station. She questions Darsh about his whereabouts. Darsh is taken to the police station. The inspector says that Darsh had fled from here. Darsh is taken into the cell. He said Nandini, he had planned this. Darsh tells you to stay at home and go for a rest. Inspector replies that he is sure to ruin our sleep. Darsh screams. Charmy questions why Nandini planned to make you flee. You could have been in serious trouble. He claims Nandini was not involved in this. I did it on my own. Charmy asks why. She apologizes, she says that I did not want to cause you any harm, and that I am sorry. She weeps. Inspector wants to know about your relationship with him. She walks off.

Vipul said that we were hoping Rajvi would become conscious. Nandini apologizes, but we knew Rakesh would come to attack her. I would have caught him. He said, “Just think. If anything happened to Rajvi.” She apologizes and says, “I can’t let anything happen.” Rakesh is given the information. He thinks. Charmy tells Nandini that Darsh was arrested. She tells her to relax, I’m here for you. Nandini requests that she go to rest. She replies, “I don’t know how all these plans are failing. I doubt that Rakesh is being passed information by an insider.” I will not lose, he will be found. Charmy wonders what Charmy is thinking.

Nandini, Shobit and others go to the lab for the reports to be checked. He claims that I have bribed the guard. Don’t be alarmed. She tells him that Darsh must be proven innocent, so get the assistant out of his lab. Shobit enters and has a heated argument with the lady. He then asks the lady how she got here. He replies, “I m still waiting for my report.” She calls security. She asks the security to come with her. He said that he would post it to social media. She claims that you cannot enter the lab at night. Nandini enters the cctv area.

She examines the footage. The lady questions you about who you are and what you want. Nandini said that we want you to be arrested. The lady questions why. Nandini replies, “See this.” She shows the footage. The lady is meeting with the attacker and changing the reports. Nandini claims it means Darsh has had his blood reports changed. How can you ruin someone’s life to make some money? Come with me to the station. The lady said that she would give you a true report. Don’t take me to the police. Nandini questions who paid you the money. Nandini asks who paid you money. Shobit receives the reports. Nandini suggests that you call the man and tell him you need more money. Otherwise, you will give Darsh’s family real reports. He will be happy to pay you money. He calls the lady. Shobit promises to go with you. Nandini said no. Go to the police station with proof. Darsh is freed. Nandini arrives at the scene. She spots the masked man. She hides behind the tree. She calls the lab assistant and messages the attacker. She captures the attacker and unmasks him. She is shocked to see Gunjan. She claims that you tried to kill Rajvi and Darsh is currently in jail for it. Gunjan is scared. Gunjan is scared and throws Nandini to the ground.

Nandini scolds Gunjan. She claims Rajvi is in coma due to you. Shobit claims both the evidences are available. Darsh is released. Shobit asks for you to come along, inspector Nandini called the attacker. Darsh claims Nandini was there by herself, so we should also go there. Vipul is contacted by a doctor. He said, “That’s great news.” He tells me to go to the hospital because Rajvi has shown improvement. Darsh requests Inspector to accompany them. Vini is taken care by Parul. Vini does drama. Parul laughs and tickles her. She promises to play. Vini questions if Nandini is fine. Parul nods. Nandini questions why Rajvi tried to kill you.

Gunjan claims that I wanted Charmy’s child killed, but I discovered that Charmy is carrying Shobit. She remembers Dada ji’s and Vipul’s discussion about Shobit’s baby. She claims that I was mad. I thought Charmy was marrying Darsh. Charmy is shocked to hear all of this. She believes Gunjan returned home to attack Charmy. Nandini questions you about how you can be so low.