Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 19th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

The Episode begins with Nandini asking Shobit if she can find out the details of the bank slip robbery. She receives Chetan’s phone call. She asks Vini what she is doing there. She walks away. Chetan stops Vini. Vini states that Darsh and me also have fights. However, this doesn’t mean that you will send him to jail. She disagrees with the inspector. She defends Darsh. Darsh smiles. Darsh is her friend. She tells Darsh not to cry and that she will go with him. Chetan invites her to join him. Inspector shouts at her. Vini argues. She runs. Vini is stopped by Nandini. Inspector requests them to leave. She then asks Darsh how he was put in lockup. Inspector points out that Darsh’s fingerprints were on the glass piece. Nandini claims it is wrong. I can prove someone else was in the room. I have a bank slip. She searches for the slip.

Inspector wants to know what is the drama. She replies that she found a slip from a local bank in the room so we can find out who was the man who attacked Rajvi. Darsh nods. Inspector responds, “It’s strange that we didn’t get your slip. You got proof and you lost it.” She claims that she is not lying. Vipul talks to doctor. She said, “I m coming.” Nandini returns home with Chetan, Vini and Vini. She searches for the slip. Vipul asks her what she is looking for. Vini claims she isn’t telling me. Chetan claims Darsh was arrested by police. Police also found Darsh fingerprints on the glass. Nandini claims that the culprit planned this crime very well. Where can I find the bank slip?

Vini says that the bank won’t give her money. She can also take money from the piggy bank. Nandini replies that it was imp and I lost it. Vini embraces Vini and promises to find it. Shobit calls her, and tells her that she has the bank contact. They can give us the name of the account holder, but you need to tell me the account number. We will find out who tried killing mom. She claims that I have lost my bank slip. He wants to know what it is, but not how. She calls. Charmy calls Nandini. She claims she has the slip. Nandini runs. Darsh claims I am worried about my mum. I will leave here. My wife will do everything to prove that I am innocent. Charmy claims I got the slip by the pool. Nandini replies that it did fall there. Please give it to me. Charmy questions Darsh’s health. I was thinking about what he might be going through. She hands the bank slip. She inquires if Darsh’s innocence can be proven by the bank slip. Nandini collides and shatters with her.

The bank slip flew off. Nandini says sorry. She runs. Charmy recalled getting the slip by the pool. She said, “I can’t allow you to get this bank slip.” Nandini searches for the slip. She claims that I should have taken the photo, it is the only proof. Charmy watches. She receives a call. She answers the call and says Nandini is there. She says sorry Darsh. My child is my most precious possession. I will do everything in my power to protect him. Nandini claims Shobit would have convinced the bankman with difficulty. How did I lose it? Charmy suggests that it is okay, perhaps the slip flew. Nandini assures me that I will continue to try. Charmy believes Nandini can’t get the slip. She will find the truth. Vipul tells Nandini that there is broken glass. Charmy claims Nandini is looking for the slip. Shobit calls Nandini to ask for her account number. She tells her that the day is not good and that she lost it. He tells her to do her best. It’s her last chance. The bank server will be off for maintenance at 6pm.

Vipul says that I will ask the servant to clean out the glass. You will be hurt. Nandini tells me that I must find the bank slip so Darsh isn’t proven innocent. She places her foot on the glass. She searches for the slip. Shobit says that there are only 5 minutes left before the bank server goes down. Shobit calls Nandini. Chetan asks Nandini to clean the glass. Charmy promises to help. Nandini said no, you’ll get hurt. Shobit claims she isn’t answering. Nandini claims that I only have five minutes and can’t reach my culprit. The man said sorry, but nothing can be done right now. Shobit states that there are only three minutes left. Nandini takes the slip. She finds the slip covered in mud. Shobit calls her and asks for the account number. Shobit says, “I got the slip.” He promises to find the attacker right away. Charmy is worried. The man said yes, it was mine. Shobit questions who it is. Nandini wants to know the name. Shobit replies G. Rakesh. He has no other information so he closed his account. Nandini wants to know Nandini’s full name and address. Shobit claims that we don’t have any other information, but my friend did this for me. Vipul claims that I didn’t hear the name. Shobit assures me that I will find him. He is gone.

Nandini is helped by Parul. She tells Darsh that you love him a lot. Nandini said that Darsh must be proven innocent. Parul claims there are not many improvements. Vini arrives and asks you how you got hurt. Nandini gives an excuse. Vini claims that she did her homework and made a wish for Kanha. Darsh will soon be released from jail. Nandini hugs her. Charmy believes Nandini doesn’t know the truth. Darsh must stay in prison for the sake my baby.