Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 18th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Everyone starts the Episode crying for Rajvi’s passing. Darsh requests them to take Rajvi to the hospital. Doctor confirms that we tried. Darsh advises that we keep trying and never give up. Rajvi accepts his apology. He said that he was angry at Rajvi. He promises to take her to the hospital. Inspector orders him to take the body for post-mortem. Darsh requests doctor to save Rajvi. Inspector tells Darsh to go with us. Nandini questions why and what he did. Inspector states that the watchman’s statement against him is false. He remembered guard saying Darsh held a glass piece in his hands, it was stained with blood. Rajvi and Darsh got into a heated argument. Inspector tells Darsh to remain in our custody. Darsh questions the logic of Darsh’s request. Do you mean that I tried to kill her? He disagrees. Shobit claims Darsh loves his mum very much, but you are wrong. Inspector claims that I did not see that a son would kill his mother. Darsh claims that I am taking her to the hospital. You can do whatever you like. He is being held by the constables. Nandini tells him to go. Darsh tells Nandini to take care Rajvi. They are mad and nothing has happened to them. The police take him. Everyone cries.

Nandini, everyone and Rajvi are seen in the ambulance. Nandini watches Rajvi’s hand move. She shouts Rajvi’s alive, I have seen Rajvi’s fingers move. Shobit and Nandini chase after the ambulance. She falls. Shobit holds her. She then goes to pray. She prays for strength to prove Darsh innocent, and unify my family.

Everyone goes to the hospital. Rajvi is treated. Doctor tells Rajvi that it is a miracle she is still alive. Rajvi and Nandini want to know when she will be conscious. Doctor says it is difficult to say. Nandini claims Rajvi is still alive and that she will be fine. Ward boy claims media have come to request Darsh. Chetan claims it is because the news is spreading. Rajvi believes Darsh attacked her. If she was awake, she could have said that he didn’t do anything. Nandini cries. Darsh claims I didn’t do any harm, I had just removed the piece of glass from Nandini’s stomach. Let me go to her. Inspector states that you are facing a murder charge. Nandini arrives and questions Rajvi about how, even though murder wasn’t committed, Rajvi is still alive.

Darsh is shocked. Nandini claims Rajvi is in coma. Get more information about the case before you blame anyone. He then asks if mum is still alive. She smiles and nods. He said, “I told you she was alive.” He smiles and hugs her. Inspector tells her that it’s no use. When your mum becomes conscious, she will reveal that you attacked and harmed her. Inspector is scolded by Nandini. Nandini scolds the inspector. People clap. Nandini tells Darsh to relax, she will prove that he is innocent and they will never be separated again. He said, “If you need help.. The inspector says that all of this is not allowed at the police station.

Nandini gets dizzy when she goes out. Shobit meets her. He asks her for vitamins. He tells her that you cannot fall weak. You have to bring Rajvi home and save Darsh. She claims that Darsh committed this crime and she has been told by police. Shobit states that we will get a large lawyer to represent him. She claims that he will be cursing himself if he is kept in jail. He said that he knew from the beginning that Darsh loved him. She insists that it is not the right time to be weak. I will prove Darsh’s innocence. I will go to his bedroom and get some clue. He says police already checked. He says it’s a test of our affection, and I will prove him innocent. He smiles. She walks away.

Darsh is her guest. She inspects the place. Charmy arrives. Nandini looks at Nandini. Charmy said that you would hate Charmy. Nandini claims that I don’t have sympathy. You would have a lot of reason to lie about me. Charmy says I m pregnant. Nandini claims it’s a lie. I trust Darsh. He said he never touched you. Charmy claims it’s Shobit’s child. Nandini is the first to hear everything. Nandini claims it means Rajvi supported your decision to name Shobit Shobit’s child. Charmy claims Shobit is happy to be with Gunjan. So, I took the role of Nandini, as Rajvi said, because I knew that this lie wouldn’t last long. I was sorry for lying, thinking you had actually died in an accident. Nandini said that she understands your pain. Charmy states that we all know Darsh did nothing, but we must prove him innocent. Nandini receives a slip from the bank. Charmy claims it’s a local bank. Nandini claims it belongs to the attacker. We can reach him using the slip. Charmy feels sick. Nandini requests that she sit. Parul is called by Nandini. Darsh is taken to the cell. Inspector tells Darsh not to dream of leaving here. Only your fingerprints were found on the glass. Are you now in tension? They see someone.