Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 16th August 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist on go-india.in

Rajvi starts the Episode crying. Vipul claims we were trying to protect you eyesight. Doctor said that you should not cry or take stress because you might lose your sight. Darsh said Nandini that you didn’t come to see me because you didn’t forgive me. I was wondering how Nandini could be so strong, and I thought Rajvi had told me so. Everyone cries.

He said that I trusted you and spent many nights with strangers because of you. I was getting married to Nandini. Rajvi claims that we didn’t all know Nandini was alive. Shobit told me that Nandini’s purse had Nandini’s ids. We had performed her last rites and I found out that Nandini was alive just two days ago. Darsh claims that even though you didn’t know to tell me, she would have begged for my help and stopped me. Nandini insists that I will not stop. She runs.

Darsh is sad. He asks why you will stop. He said it was because of you. Everyone cries. Chetan tells everyone to calm down and just listen once. Darsh claims that I don’t want. Rajvi said I was helpless, Charmy She stops when she sees Gunjan. Darsh claims that I will believe you every word. I don’t trust you right now. He sees the black thread she has tied. He says, “My love caught your bad sight.” Rajvi cries. Darsh tells Rajvi that you cheat me. He lightens the havan kund. He takes out the black thread. He said, “You taught me to walk. But you cannot be Lord to decide my fate.” He puts the thread in the flame. He walks away. Charmy cries. Dada ji shouts Darsh, and holds onto his heart.

Dada ji is taken to the family. Rajvi cries. Nandini tells Rajvi that it doesn’t matter what, Darsh is my only hope. Darsh approaches her and asks her to open his door. He said, “I know you hate me.” Listen to me once. Charmy claims that I was afraid for this. What will happen to me and my child? You can’t leave us alone. She screams. Rajvi walks away and remembers her promise. Darsh opens the door and enters. Nandini runs away, saying that there is nothing between us. He said, “Hear me once.” She said no, go. He then asks him why. She replies that she doesn’t know. He pulls her. They are thrown under the curtain. They slip under the curtain, and they fall. Aapki nazron plays…

They stand up. She claims it is wrong. He insists that it is not. He then asks, “How could you not recognize that you were living with another person?”. He asks two lives. Charmy and her child, yes. Your baby. He is shocked. He is shocked. She tells him it’s not his mistake. He questions my baby. She asks her why you’re so shocked. She closes the door. She tells him to go, and that he must keep his responsibility. Forget me forever. He is shocked.

Charmy presents the jewelry. Nandini said that I have accepted you now because you are now of someone else. Darsh breaks the glass. She looks at the bloody window. He claims that only your name can be connected with Darsh. Look into my eyes and consider, if Rajvi or Charmy are telling the truth or I am lying, then I don’t know. When I was with Charmy I used to believe my Nandini had changed. I felt my heart beat was missing. It was you. He is bleeding. She can see his hand. He said, “If you run from me, I will die.” Darsh and Nandini cry.