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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 14th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

The Episode begins with Aatish returning home with police and lawyers. Namrata questions you here. Rajvi said that I called him to have the divorce papers signed here at home. The domestic violence case against him will begin tomorrow. Let’s get to work. Charmy arrives. Namrata believes that nothing went wrong. Charmy tells her to come. Darsh messages Nandini. Nandini becomes conscious. People come to her aid. Nandini checks her phone and tab. Rajvi asks Aatish for permission to sign the papers. He will never see his face again. Shobit tells Rajvi to sign the papers, as we will not take back domestic violence cases. Aatish signs the papers. Namrata visits Charmy to ask Nandini where she is. Charmy explains everything. Namrata wants to know if Nandini is still alive. Charmy tells her to not shout. If this is revealed, she will also reveal the truth.

Namrata said don’t be afraid to threaten, but where is the tab. Charmy claims Nandini can tell the truth even now. Nandini comes home. She falls to her knees. Namrata claims she is still alive but she wants my life. Charmy promises that we will take her into our room. They take Nandini out of the back window. Namrata states that she is scared of Nandini and may cause a problem. Charmy asks her to sign papers. She will then drug Nandini for a few hours and put her to sleep. Nandini asks Charmy if she is hurt. If so, she will give Nandini pain medication. She gives the medicine to Nandini. Namrata signs the papers. Charmy locks the door and enters. Rajvi requests the guard to meet Aatish. Guard claims he is Namrata’s husband. Rajvi is wrong. He’s not anyone to us. Therefore, he shouldn’t be allowed in the house. Nandini attempts to get up. Parul offers prasad for Aatish. Parul sees a rat, and she asks the servant to catch it. Rajvi said that rat is auspicious as it is Ganesh’s vaahan. Darsh claims it is going towards my bedroom. He chases the rat. He hears Nandini’s voice. Nandini attempts to get to the door. Darsh reveals who locked the door. He opens the door. Nandini is carried in his arms. He asks Nandini what has happened and how did it happen. She weeps.

Nandini is a common sight for everyone. Darsh believes you don’t see your state and are stubborn. Shobit replies that he will call the doctor. Namrata requests Aatish to go, and papers have been signed. Darsh said wait inspector. My wife is getting mad and she says she wants to show all the evidence against Namrata. I am also frustrated. I think we should end this. Shobit asks him to retrieve his laptop. Rajvi asks Rajvi what’s this? She needs a doctor. Namrata’s chapter has ended. Darsh said no. Chapter will end when we see the proof. Namrata will be proven right and Nandini will be wrong. Let’s watch it. He watches the video on his laptop. The family is shocked. Darsh recalls Nandini asking for mail.

He signs Nandini. Charmy believes that the tab had this video. When did Nandini show it to Darsh? Namrata is worried. She claims that this video is Nandini’s plan. Rajvi slaps her. Darsh responds, “Even I want you to slap me, what did you do? We all made a mistake, and you manipulated us all.” Rajvi claims Aatish is innocent. He was in jail for 2 days. We were going to send him to jail.

Namrata is scourged by her. Darsh apologizes for Aatish. He said inspector, we would like to take the case back. We are sorry. Shobit says no, but Nandini isn’t worthy of Aatish. Namrata, Vipul suggests that you should be alone your entire life. Rajvi apologizes for Aatish. Aatish says it’s okay mom, it’s not your mistake. I had given up hope that the truth would come out but Nandini trusted me and fought for it. Nandini is thanked for her kindness. Namrata is furious. Darsh thanked Nandini. He said that we were saved from this huge mistake. I am sorry. She agrees. Namrata plans to take revenge on this insult.


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