Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 11th September 2021 Upcoming Story, Spoilers, Latest News, Gossips, Twist

Rajvi says that Aatish was guilty of this and will be sent to prison for ten years. Darsh promises Namrata that he will tell the truth. Nandini asks how could this happen. Rajvi is furious. Darsh interrupts her. He stops Nandini and tells her to listen carefully. You will be able to meet more people like Aatish. Nandini decides to speak to Aatish first. She follows her. She questions Aatish about why he accepted the crimes he didn’t commit. He said that his parents are trying to prove me guilty, but I cannot torture them. I accepted my defeat, it is impossible to beat Rawals. Thanks for your support, please leave me alone. She states that I cannot allow my family to commit this crime, and I will prove it. She ended the call.

It is morning. Rajvi has announced that Aatish’s case has ended. A bad marriage can destroy your life. Namrata, however, is strong and will start over. I have decided to get Ganesh Ji. Parul says that I don’t want celebrate because our family is split in two. Rajvi said no, Namrata, our daughter, will stand against anyone who stands in her way. Darsh questions Nandini. Vipul claims she would have gone to the truth. Rajvi promises to end the chapter here if she cares about us. Nandini calls the lady and asks her to help. Aatish wasn’t guilty of the crime, he is currently in jail. We didn’t hear anything, but we heard that Aatish used to beat his wife. Why are you trying so hard to save him? Nandini claims that no neighbor is willing to help him. I will not give up. Darsh claims Nandini isn’t answering because she doesn’t know where he went.

Nandini visits the doctor and asks Namrata for Namrata. Namrata states that she has no words to speak for the family. Nandini claims that I want the reports because Namrata is filing fraud cases against her husband. I believe she is innocent. Namrata should come to collect the reports. Vini talks to Parul. Nandini comes. Vini said that everyone makes modak. Nandini can make the best sweets. Nandini promises that she will help. Rajvi claims that he doesn’t need any help. Nandini promises to make tea for all of you. Vipul claims that I don’t want. Charmy promises that I will make juice for you all. Vipul agrees. She leaves.

Darsh questions you about where you were. Namrata claims she would have gone to find proof against me. Vipul replies that Aatish is criminal and Nandini did not give any statement. Darsh asks Nandini did you say sorry to Namrata. Rajvi asks Rajvi what your ego is. If we are wrong, what’s the problem with accepting it? Namrata claims that I was defamed by her.

Nandini says sorry, I’m not weak like Aatish. Why should I apologize, when I didn’t call Mrs. Patel. Charmy drinks a cocktail. She claims that I didn’t come here to witness Nandini and Darsh’s romance. The family will get me married, Nandini will rest forever after this. She orders the juice drinks. She requests that everyone has it. Nandini is asked to have it. Vini arrives and tells Nandini how the football player scored that goal. Vini takes the juice glasses and makes the goal. Vini returns the glasses to everyone. Charmy is worried. She asks Nandini for a drink.

Nandini drinks. She becomes dizzy. Darsh is held by her. Darsh questions her about what happened and if you are okay. Nandini suggests that it could be due to tiredness. Charmy says, “hank God, Nandini, the right glass reached Nandini. I can now drink the juice.” Nandini helps Darsh. He advises you to rest. She said that I’m fine right now. Namrata observes Charmy asleep. Charmy is asked to get up by Namrata. Charmy doesn’t get up. Darsh goes. Rajvi tells you to stay away from this puja because Namrata may be lying. Nandini cries. Shobit returns home with Ganpati. The lady claims that she ordered the idol and the shopkeeper made an error. He gives the idol back to the lady and then takes his Ganpati. Ramila searches for her son. Nandini asks Ramila to look for Nimesh. Nandini replies, “I didn’t see,” so sit down, I will find out.

Rajvi performs the Ganpati Aarti. Charmy yawns. Namrata claims you slept too long. Charmy believes that I may have had that drink. Darsh searches for Nandini. Rajvi said that she asked Nandini not to come. Darsh said let it go. I swear Namrata will not have any problems because of her. Nandini said, “Don’t promise anything, my family’s happiness is important to me. I don’t want anyone to be punished. I won’t stay here puja, but I will pray that Bappa brings the truth before you.” She goes. Darsh asks how can I do it alone. Charmy and Shobit are called by Darsh to place Ganpati.

Nandini watches Nimesh play near the pool. He is afraid of Namrata, and says that she is dangerous. Nandini believes it might have more recording. She believes that Bappa sent the boy. He said that he doesn’t have the recording right now. It was in an old tab. Sudarshan’s uncle gave it to me. Nandini wants to see the proof. She tells him that his mom is waiting for him. He is led outside by her. Ramila invites him to come. Namrata spots them and hides. Nandini decides to go to the store.